Rti act in gujarati

When even the prescribed formats were printed wrongly not much needs to be said about the understanding of this Act within government functionaries. All FPS would remain open 6 days a week through the month between 8: Every citizen but more importantly the poor, illiterate, marginalised and vulnerable sections of the society are meant to be the main beneficiaries of the Act. The interesting story commences from here. All ration shops owners were supplying kerosene according to their whims and fancies.

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This newly enacted law has emerged out of a long struggle by civil society groups. It said that the application that was made was not in the prescribed jn as scheduled in the RTI rules. The departments were instructed that all applications under the Act were to be received in that format alone.

Being even slightly above that does not solve your problem at all.

RTI Act in Gujarati

The information was received within 30 days and was quite a relief for most people. We added to their woes. In Boru village where a few people are working actively on the issue shared this information with other members of the village. The line provides a theoretical explanation for looking at the poor as a category to be taken care of through targeted ameliorative programmes. If systems are bad or systems are not working make them work.

Welcome to RTI Gujarat

Have these government servants who were to implement the Act been provided with any training or the details of the Act and what it entailed.

He said that copies of this format were sent to all government departments. The information was also received in the form that we had asked for.

The ration shop owners were for sure not happy with this. For the first time in their lives these persons had received their full quota of kerosene and delighted they were with their victory. Mohanbhai was carrying his own copy of the rules with him and when the DSO argued Mohanbhai placed the gujarwti before him.

He personally went over to the DSO and sought an explanation. The interesting story commences from here. On the prescribed format available with all government departments was written Form A — rule gujarahi. My belief is that mere legislations do not bring about social change. Mohanbhai was well aware that the application need not be submitted in the prescribed format.

This ij led to considerable change in the area and the system to some extent at least has started working or I would say that where people are aware of their entitlements and demanding the same they are getting what is due to dti. The ration shop owner was left with no option but to give in.

Funnily enough rule 6 of the Gujarat rules pertains to the appeal procedure and not application formats. And someone very truly said….

State Level RTI: Gujarat

Every citizen but more importantly the poor, illiterate, marginalised and vulnerable sections of the society are meant to be the main beneficiaries of the Act. I work with an active group of citizens in Kalol town in the Panchmahals district of Gujarat. But the greater relief is that all ration shops are now open 6days a week and providing gkjarati on all these days. Copies of the information received from the DSO were made, then enlarged to the maximum possible size with a photocopier machine and bujarati these up at every available place ranging from the panchayat office, outside each ration shop, near the nagarpalika office, in the market place and in every village and in every mohalla.

With a history of success in other cases we decided to file one more such application. The application was filed by Mohanbhai before the District Supply Officer DSO asking for details of the number of days a FPS should be kept open, the number of days that kerosene should be made available to people, depending on the card category how many litres of kerosene should be made available to people and at what price this would be available.

What is equally important is awareness of the guharati and how to access these legislations. As part of our routine work we have filed a number of applications under the now one year old Right to Information RTI Act pertaining to the PDS - ranging from the amount of ration to be provided to above poverty line APL and below poverty line BPL families and at what rates, the procedure for issue of new and duplicate ration cards and the supporting documents gujaratu to the responsibilities and duties of fair price shop FPS owners.

They unanimously decided that the next time they would all go to the ration shop on the same day to get their kerosene.

When most families do not own gas cylinders they have to rely on kerosene for cooking. Website Design by Creative Epple. In 15 days time Mohanbhai got a response from the DSO. Another problem was that the kerosene was provided only once a month and rfi a person came back for a second time for the remaining kerosene due to him the shop owner would merely send him back empty handed saying that it was all over.

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