Veritas volume manager interview questions and answers

Run vxdiskadm command, which will open menu driven program to do various disk operations, select add disks option or you can use another command vxdiskadd. Filesystem size up to 4 TB block size is 1k. Dynamic Disk group split and join. Multiple Option Which of the following statements are true of the volume manager objects? Physical access to the disk is c1t13d0s2.

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You have 4 stripe volumes across 5 disks, if the one of the disk fails the data has to be restored from the backup to Have you ever lie on your resume?

A nopriv, disk's type does not have private regions. What are the design considerations for the size of private region in Vxvm disk group?

Useful Tips Based on Practical Experience as a Unix Admin: VxVM interview questions

Multiple Response Which of the following command will force a disk to join a disk group? Does not require to have all IPs in the same subnet. If, vxdisk list command gives you disks status as "error", what steps you will follow to make the respective disks online?

Which of the following command will disable vxconfigd command? Identify the correct sequence. We can either directly view this file or use command line to view it: How To Clear Resource Faults?

What are the various clusters you have worked on?

Inappropriate ioctl for device. To check the status of the entire cluster: Requires only 1 base IP test IP. The Plex is deleted from the volume.

VXVM-Interview Questions

The raid5 volume is in disabled state. A disk can be removed from one diskgroup and then added to another diskgroup. This can be done in another way by just stopping VCS and leaving services running to minimize the downtime.

What are the common errors you find in Solaris Volume manager? So practically any command which changes the configuration of VxVM objects plexes, volumes interact with ihterview daemon.

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To remove a disk, knterview, from a disk group, homedg, in Veritas Volume Manager: Which of the following will move all the contents of testdg01 to testdg06 on diskgroup testdg? Data isl inaccessible on the other subdisks. Multiple Response In qoss, which one of the following program creates a list of the files to be moved to a different file system?

We will see some of the interview questions and its answer here.

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Different kind of patches. This is called as GAB seeding.

The mangaer will be marked as failed no other action is taken. Name the mandatory disk group in VxVM 3. The command to check detailed LLT status is: How to replace a corrupt private region? The DG which is sharable and visible to the other cluster nodes. When you unfreeze the SG, it start behaving in the normal way. How To Switch Service Groups?

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