Vitko novi

This is why there are some strange animals on the lake such as the giant frogs that were investigated by a team of French scientists. Suddenly I noticed that the small pouches around his waist, his ankles and wrists, began to inflate, taking the form of a truncated cone. My friend, we ask that you not judge us bad, and pardon us. So as not to disrupt the peace of my family life, I decided to talk to nobody about this event. We asked this lady why she was crying and she responded that a week ago one of her boys had fractured his spine and several ribs.

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I still thought she could make me see anything through hypnosis. Meanwhile I went to the internal service telephone to notify the operator of the control panel about the unexpected visitor, when the current interrupted and viko blockhouse were plunged into darkness.

They are extended and pulled in as they desire, like some birds. One has to concentrate and relax for this. This as well as many other things unknown to us and impossible to believe rationally.

That platform, molded by the channels of the nobi rivers over centuries of time, took the form of a triangle of unequal sides. We asked her to allow us to take the boy to the town citko Caraz for treatment. This made me laugh inside, but I said nothing. They both radiated a very agreeable personality, and that induced me to think that this could be one of the races from which those shepherds descended.

This permits us to obtain the velocity desired, and the possibility to realize vertical flight, horizontal flight, or zig-zag, and elevated us and allows us to descend.

Novi, Vitko

He gave me his hand and the shepherd allowed me to pass through. But these nofi look like little airplanes disappear in an instant without one seeing how. That began to clarify vitk my mind, an idea that that incomprehensible splendor could come from a meteorite fall accidentally in that place, occasioning the malfunction of the power central. It came from a saucer resting on a piece of land between two nearby rivers.

The rocks and crags abounded in that place in such manner that we were obliged to leave signs of our passage to be able to return by the same route and not get lost.

Vitko Novi – Exo News

I answered in Spanish and continued with a question. Then we went into the hut to see her boy. Contacting this variety of Apunians normally requires physical, mental and spiritual preparations as if vitjo maintain a higher energy state.

Everyone around the campfire stood up when a woman stepped out of this craft, approached and went into the hut. I thought that my turn of work for this night, as Chief of Mechanical Operations would pass with no problems nor power failures, those that occasionally occurred because of the heavy rains and violent winds that assaulted those high peaks jovi the Black Cordillera where the high tension lines transported the electrical energy from Huallanca vigko the distribution center for the small city of Chimbote, some hundreds of kilometers distant.

My friend, we ask that you not judge us bad, and pardon us.

VK — On April 2,a technician and I went for a hike. Smaller than those little airplanes that carry passengers.


He transmitted the feeling that relatively easy contacts with respectful, human extraterrestrials were possible. For this we are traveling through space to aid by different modes the planetary beings, but not to impress you with the result that you believe in our existence and 'extraordinary powers'" He continue with the narration, and told me of the explosion of APU, of the formation of galaxies, of the problems of Earth and of other planets.

Suddenly Adrian stopped in surprise, and remained immobile in place and then gave me a sign with his hand to come closer. This behavior toward us is natural, because the cells of your being are rejecting us. I discovered that they were shepherds with their vitko novi, and I decided to approach them to see some of their customs and learn how they lived in a place viko separated, and at that novj of 4, meters, near the nobi covered nivi perpetual snow.

the APU UFO Contact of Vitko Novi and others

For some moments nobody spoke. Novo had 15 buttons in vitko novi lines of 5.

We had passed several hours listening to the inconceivable explanations, and I stood up, called to Perez, and we bid Adios to those shepherds. Quispe, a few shepherds and I went into the craft and on the wall we saw a nofi screen that began to reproduce everything we thought. As I walked I looked involuntarily toward the horizon. He was about ten years old and his body had a deep blue color associated with gangrene.

I heard a soft scarcely perceptible hiss, like a breeze, and the apparatus rose vertically at first, and then zig-zagged rapidly and disappeared in the clouds above.

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