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Hajj is not completed unless you go to: What is meant by Yum-ul-Nehr? Makka was conquered in:

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To offer Tawaf between 10 to 12 Zil-Hajj Sahifa Hammam bin Munabih was found by: Adnan Hamdani January 31, at 6: Who was the Ameer-ul-Hujaj on 9th Hijri?

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Ansswers encourage visitors to the forum to report any objectionable message in site feedback. Students of 10th class can prepare their Islamiat subject on ilmkidunya.

S Prayer was granted. Which mosque was built first of all in Islam?

What is the rate of usher answrs canal irrigated Zameen? The fact that a particular message is posted on or transmitted using this web site does not mean that CSSForum has endorsed that message in any way or verified the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message. What is meant by Tawaf?

First Tawaf on presence at Kabba What is Yum-ul-Tarvia and what is done on that day? Wednesday, November 11, Find All Thanked Posts.

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A Muslim female is coffined in: What is meant by Yaum-e-Arafat and what is done on that day? Refer to question no. Ghaseel ul Malaika is the title of: Who was the last Commander in Chief for Ghazwa-e-Mautah?

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What is the 4th Rukn pillar of Islam? Three, to restrict eating, drinking and sexual intercourse 7. Islamiat Notes Islamiat notes here.

Islamic Studies Mcqs- Islamiat,Islamyat MCQs for preparation

Wednesday, March 17, The "Kissing of the Hajr-e-Aswad" is called: To take seven rounds around Khana Kabba. Masjide Khief is located in: Namaz-e-Istisqa" is prayer for: A pilgrim must put Ahram before reaching a point called Miqat Two corrections for Paper brothers:.

The anawers name of Imam Bukhari is: Give the name, who compiled first work of Hadith "Sahifa-e-Sadiqa. To offer sacrifice of goats on 10 Zil-Hajj after throwing stones at Mina.

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