Lafayette radio electronics catalog

It was my first choice for components and the bargain table. Allied Electronics moves to its new , sq. Lafayette Radio Electronics LRE soon became a thriving mail-order catalog business; the electronic components it sold were useful to amateur radio operators and electronic hobbyists in areas where such components were unavailable in local retail outlets. This website is best viewed with Adobe Flash Player 9. Old timers if you're not one now, you some day will be often like to see remembrances of days of yore , the halcyon days of past hobbies, family, long naps, school yuk , vacations, and other pleasurable times.

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I later moved on to some other receivers and donated the Lafayette to my younger brother who was also becoming interested in radio. Three New Deluxe Lafayette Receivers for monitoring police, fire department, aircraft, civil defense, or commercial communications.

Simon Wexler and his wife Lottie had three notable sons: Allied Electronics continues to sell electronic components by catalog and Internet ordering. Lafayette-Circuit City used the phrase "no haggling" in its ad campaign, which featured celebrities such as Don King, in trying to demonstrate that the lowest price was always posted, unlike many competitors in where you would electronifs to bargain with the sales person for a lower price.

The combination of Allied's commitment to a high level of customer service and Electronicz global reach delivers a very powerful supply chain solution to meet future customer demands. Cattalog Wexler associated with noteworthy entrepreneurs. But 6 years prior, "The Radio Shack" company began. For their calendar year, Tandy introduced combined catalogs of Allied Radio Shack stereo equipment, computers, phones, CB radios, scanners, speakers, antennas, P.

This deluxe radio offered two-way radio communications on up to 12 crystal-controlled transmit and receive channels. Great, great memories, though. Chairman of Jupiter Industries, a Chicago holding company with interests in real estate, retailing and industry.

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Chrome plated swivel ball mount base permits mounting on any lafayetts. The company filed for bankruptcy in and most Lafayette stores in the state of New York closed by the end of the year. A company catalog bore the names Radio Wire Television Co.

Allied Radio & Allied Electronics - 85 Year Catalog Archive

Blue Book Publications, Inc. New York Times, September 10, The company made major investments in what were called sound rooms to demonstrate hi-fi equipment, using custom switch caalog and acoustic treatments in an attempt to duplicate a home listening environment and offer fair comparison with an assortment of branded hi-fi gear.

The company built a growing business in marketing radio parts and kits to home hobbyists, and was one of the first to sell electronics through a catalog.

Early Lafayette Radio stores were located in Jamaica, N. Western Ave, Chicago, IL.

Lafayette Radio Electronics

Catalot letters and a picture of Marquis de Lafayette were commonly used as Lafayette's logo through the s and '70s. After the war, Allied continued to sell to the consumer and industrial markets. But by that time with the purging of duplicate stock and closing of low volume stores, there was very little left to sell off.

It works and looks like new. Radio shack was the runner up. A lthough Radio Shack had been in business sincecataoog did not release their first catalog until The catalog is now a treasure trove for persons tracking down old components when trying to lafayeette old professional and industrial equipment.

Complete with leather case, earphone, batteries, and crystals for the channel of your choice. Top Lafayette HA vacuum tube radio receiver, circa Lug terminals for easy hook-up to coaxial cable.

A significant share of s and s vintage Lafayette hi-fi gear was manufactured by a Japanese subcontractor named "Planet Research". All my other radio gear was Heathkit. So I ended up ordering an HAA electronixs from the catalog and, wow, was I excited when the box was delivered to my door!

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