Learn the thai alphabet in one day

English native here, but I speak, read, and write Thai and some Japanese but mostly Thai lol. Hi Lynn, it isn't at the present time I'm afraid. One thing I'd like to bring up is that Thai uses a lot of the same words. Find out more about page archiving. Not really, actually, because it's very easy to do.

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If you start driving in Thailand you'll want to be able to read road signs, if you want to do business in Thailand you'll need to read contractual literature, and then there's the simple stuff like knowing how to spot a pharmacy sign, the correct gender toilet and basic street signs. If the name starts with 'S' followed by 'k', 't', or 'p', the sound is an unaspirated version of the consonant following the 'S'.

Load down an iPod for short walks around town. May 23, at 9: A Guide to Thai - The Thai alphabet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Hi Jackie, turns out the original creator sub-licensed the book to a couple of people. The Thai script is an evolved form of the Devanagari script used for Sanskrit.

Wow, this looks easy. A Woman Learning Thai Dictionary View All Dictionary Results.

Learn The Thai Alphabet in a Day Review

May 17, at 6: Nose and Nooseare both 'n' sounds, low-class. Maybe I can learn the language. I hope the deck proves useful. Innovative Language App. Lessons Advanced Lesson Search.

Country of the Blind: Learn the Thai Alphabet in One Hour

This was so hard for me. Keep tracing over that letter until you own it.

Sorry about that, I will update this page to reflect the change in price. Jessi September 5, at Searching for "thai alphabet anki" pulled up this post, and it's almost as alphanet you'd read my mind!

It's awesome because it's very intelligent, and no doubt took a long time for the author to put together. Jan 16, at 4: Thanks for pushing me to write. While there, I started a Memrise course to learn the Thai alphabet--even if I don't know the language, I'd at least like to be able to decipher signs the next time, and have the script as a gateway to potential further learning--but for various reasons, that course didn't fit.

You will notice that even with the distinctions of aspirated versus non-aspirated, and three different tone dzy, Thai still contains sometimes more than one letter with exactly the same sound, for example Kowtow and Koala. Do you think that a reverse strategy would be good to teach thai children or adults English Alphabet?

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But the fact is, at some point you are going to have to learn the Thai alphabet, if not just for your own sanity. This is quite a nice idea Cat: Not the formal boxy style taught to children.

English native here, but I speak, read, and write Thai and some Japanese but mostly Thai lol. Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. When saying a letter, Thai alphbaet give an example word that starts with that letter, alphabte specify which particular consonant they are referring to.

July 12, at 9: This is a brilliant and very encouraging post. Anki download A program designed to help you remember words and phrases Mac, Windows, Linux and Debian.

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