Nelson mandela rivonia trial speech

I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory has a rare typescript of the speech, which Mr Mandela autographed and gave as a gift to a comrade. This proposal was heavily defeated. It put forward demands and resolutions; it sent delegations to the Government in the belief that African grievances could be settled through peaceful discussion and that Africans could advance gradually to full political rights.

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At a later stage the support was made openly.

But to us the reason is obvious. I say 'properly controlled violence' because I made it clear that if I formed the organization I would at all times subject it to the political guidance of the ANC and would not undertake any different form of activity from that contemplated without the consent of the ANC.

This included charges of recruiting persons to undertake guerrilla warfare against the South African state, conspiring to aid foreign military against the republic, and furthering acts of communism. But at Liliesleaf [farm, Rivonia,] I could live differently and work far more efficiently. The conference was attended by Africans of various political persuasions.

“I am prepared to die”

We hope that we will bring the Government and its supporters to their senses before it is too late, so that both the Government and its policies can be changed before matters reach the desperate state of civil war.

Juta and Company Ltd. The Penguin Book of Twentieth-century Speeches. They were the only political group which mxndela prepared to work with the Africans for the attainment of political rights irvonia a stake in society.

There are two ways to break out of poverty. Experience convinced us that rebellion would offer the Government limitless opportunities for the indiscriminate slaughter of our people. Click here to see the last page from the speech from the dock. People in the townships became eager for political news. When we took this decision, and subsequently formulated our plans, the ANC heritage of non-violence and racial harmony was very much with us. Africans want a just share in the whole of South Africa; they want mnadela and a stake in society.

In order to explain these matters properly, I will have to explain what Umkhonto set out to achieve; what methods it prescribed for the achievement of these objects, and why these methods were chosen.

Nelson Mandela's address from the dock at the Rivonia Trial - Telegraph

Before the trial Epeech and the other defendants decided that instead of testifying as witnesses and submitting to cross-examination he would make a speech from the dock to put the state on trial, by pointing out the injustices of the South African society and its legal system.

Get Job alerts in your e-mail This then was the plan. In these circumstances, it would take a rivohia young politician, such as I was into proclaim that the Communists are our enemies.

This is a vital distinction.

I Am Prepared to Die - Wikipedia

And I shall now tell the Court how that form of violence came to be determined. We viewed the situation with alarm. The American Congress, that country's doctrine of separation of powers, as well as the independence of its judiciary, arouses in me similar sentiments. We did not want an interracial war, and tried to avoid it to the last minute.

I Am Prepared to Die

This page was last edited on 14 Julyat Amongst the tales they related to me were those of wars fought by our ancestors in defence of the fatherland. Mandelq pattern of co-operation between communists eivonia non-communists has been repeated in the National Liberation Rvionia of South Africa. At the beginning of Juneafter a long and anxious assessment of the South African situation, I, and some colleagues, came to the conclusion that as violence in this country was inevitable, it would be unrealistic and wrong for African leaders to continue preaching peace and non-violence at a time when the Government met our peaceful demands with force.

Thirty per cent are labourers, labour tenants, and squatters on white farms and work and live under conditions similar to those of the serfs of the Middle Ages.

Such widely different persons as Gandhi, Nehru, Nkrumah, and Nasser all acknowledge this fact. What have been the fruits of moderation?

She was released from prison in and went into exile. But before doing so, I wish to revert to certain occurrences said by witnesses to have happened in Port Elizabeth and East London.

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