Paul brunton a search in secret india

Spirituality at its finest and purest is what he wanted. So, surely their ideas were carried Southward and Eastward until India was reached? It is perhaps not amiss, then, if one asks one's Western fellows to look Eastward, not for a new faith, but for a few pebbles of knowledge to cast upon our present heap.

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It is more like a diary and the writer's experience is recorded vividly through his own words.

Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation - Reviews: Secret India

I permitted it to remain undisturbed. I have imbibed sufficient pious wisdom and prophetic forebodings to suffice me for the time.

Mahmoud Bey must be forthwith interviewed. With his entire life dedicated to the spiritual quest, Brunton felt charged with the task of communicating his knowledge and experiences in layperson's terms. For on an unfortunate day the second boy's guardian discovers the preparations, elicits further details of the affair, and comes down with a stern hand. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

It possesses a bare gloomy interior, but contains an old bedstead without bedding, a ramshackle table and a chair which might have rendered good service during the Indian Mutiny.

A Search in Secret India

But it was not readiness of wit nor long practice in journalism which brought Paul Brunton into the presence of some of India's greatest sages, but an insistent desire for enlightenment, something in himself Destiny? This book had been recommended to me about thirty years ago by the father of a close friend, Mr Goss, and I had never sought it out until now. It is obvious that the chants are hyperboles of adulation for their master.

Withal he is never dull, always witty and radiating good-humour. See our Returns Policy.

I loved him as if I were really his own son. Yet there still remains a small but priceless residue of culture classified under the generic term Yoga, which proffers benefits to mankind as valuable in their own way as any prof- fered by the Western sciences.

A Search In Secret India: The classic work on seeking a guru by Paul Brunton

Paul brunton was one of the first westerners to give a first hand account of meeting the maharshi. Quotes from A Search In Secre Brunton's travels to be read by all lovers of India. She is no longer representative of the lofty culture of her past.

Four hours creep lethargically around my watch. Meher Baba's sexrch is a Persian 1 who is an adherent of the Zoroastrian creed, and who emigrated to India as a poor youth. A non-believer in the existence of an Eternal Spirit as the basis of the world manifestation who is at once its creator and controller, on an attentive perusal of this great work, cannot but be shaken in his agnostic creed and feel the urge to probe into the secret fountain of his life and verify the realistic burnton soul-thrilling experiences of Paul Brunton.

This book was instrumental in Ramana's notoriety throughout India and the West.

brunnton If India has a message to the world, it is this which Mr. He agonized, but chose the more important path to the Self. They are not the springs whence spirituality comes gushing.

I know only that a steady river of quietness seems to be flowing near me, that a great peace is penetrating the inner reaches of my being, and that my thought-tortured brain is beginning to arrive at some rest.

He possesses an excellent knowledge of English, so there is no necessity to translate my speech.

Yet my guess at the unseen writ is wrong. I cannot banish the heavy atmosphere which surrounds me. This article is accompanied by the following excerpt: Nov 26, Naliniprasad rated it it was amazing.

The class on religion gradually became the central searcg of the curriculum and Meher Baba led the older boys into a devotional mysticism which appears to have been of a somewhat watery nature. If you worked hard and gave the whole of your time to it, saerch months would be enough to get an understanding of the methods, but after that years of practice may be required.

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