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The book provides an account of life in the Soviet Red Army which is believable and brutally honest, he contrasts the vast diversity of the Soviet Union and the Communist Bloc with the overwhelming theme of survival by any means. The Red A virulent, ignorant bigot Joined: While there are many passages describing front line fighting, the author also incorporates military organization, logistics and strategy in the book. The Americans and NATO were ready to fight on, and in fact had recovered from their earlier losses and were ready to strike back hard by the end of the book, and might have expelled the Soviets from Germany; but the West Germans were overawed by Soviet propaganda, which threatened that their country would be devastated if they continued to resist.

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More than a portrait of high-tech modern warfare, it is a fascingating novel of human strengths and weaknesses - a chilling look at the one army in the world that may have the power to defeat us. At the macro level the book demonstrates easily digestible insights into Soviet military-science and the execution of deep battle as envisioned by Tukhachevsky.

'Red Army' by Ralph Peters - what next? | Alternate History Discussion

The Art of Maneuver: The vast quantities of character Peters provides shares the view of many soldiers with varying backgrounds. At the same time Ralph Peters drives home an excellent point about NATO cohesion and doctrinal challenges - which are as relevant today as back then.

It is written rwd from their point of view as they race across northern West Germany to meet their objectives.

Being told from the Soviet point of view, it is also mercifully free of flag-waving Americans and their corny "Helluva thing, Mike" dialogue that infest most rslph of this type. One of Peters earlier works and one of his best. Mar 27, Aditya Pareek rated it it was amazing Shelves: War is not great.

Jan 11, Bas Kreuger rated it really liked it. IMOHO, if there was more dialog between the characters, it would have made for a more exciting read. Refresh and try again. The way he portrays the US Army as some sort of supermen, while their allied brothers-in-arms are the ralpn useless and incompetent amateurs you can imgagine, is just hopeless hopeless hopeless.

Return to Book Page. In a matter of days, refugees clog the roads and the cities are in shambles.

Red Army | Book by Ralph Peters | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. France, Spain, Portugal, the Benelux countries and the Scandinavians would have been forced to join the Warsaw Pact, or at best, Finlandized. Aug talph, Belhor rated it it was amazing Shelves: The book is well written and the premise is very interesting, but I almost feel like it is the result of "white man's guilt", trying to correct the overwhelming amount of pro-NATO novels, some of whom borders jingoism. Reagan will likely lose his presidency with peple blaming the loss of Germany on his war mongering.

'Red Army' by Ralph Peters - what next?

Peters eloquently portraits the moral, mental, and physical aspects from the point-of-view of the front commander down to the individual motor-rifleman tagging along in his B A worthwhile read! Nov 3, Location: But it scared the heck out of me petesr an Army private in ! Maneuver-Warfare Theory and Airland Battle. Army, an Intelligence officer like my father and my 8th grade 'Language Exploration' teacher, Mr.

When the invasion begins, the Soviets advance quickly, bypassing strong points whenever possible. Told entirely from a Russian point of view, Red Army is a riveting tour de force. The movement of the forces, logistics and strategic - even tactical - details are astonishing and very realistic.

Furthermore, like many of the other books this too is a peteds to arms for the countries of NATO, though instead of making the point made by countless others, he seems to express concern at talph political weaknes Easily one of the best written and researched books of all the World War Three scenarios. Aug 09, Matthew Dambro rated it it was amazing. Although I didn't quite liked that scene of wardrobe fitting ; And yeah Paperbackpages.

From Chief of Staff Chibisov, fighting his ethnic heritage, to the daring tank commander Bezarin, locked in an unforgettable duel of wits with a British division, from bitter veterans of Afghanistan to raw recruits, a host of vivid characters are swept up in the chaos and drama.

Apr 27, Leo rated it really liked it. Soviet troops would have been stationed there to purge the country of right-wingers and make sure the newly-united Germany remained loyal to the Pact.

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