Aprender a viver luc ferry

May 08, Jordan J. Charles Hang Sadly, I don't own this, but you might be able to get it from your library as I did. Nonetheless, I find no regret.

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Everyone is a philosopher and should be because: He believes that man's need for the transcendent "pushes us to invent the thing, and then to defend it, with all the arguments of bad faith at our disposal, because we have become attached to it.

With the goal of being brief, Ferry must be selective. I have come to believe that reason alone will not save us and the world. A good read for furthering your intellect, but I wouldn't recommend it for entertainment. It is an invitation and an introduction to Humanism.

Luc Ferry | LibraryThing

The chapter on Nietzsche was particularly thought provoking as was the description of Ancients conception of Cosmos and the Good. He is a former member of the Saint-Simon Foundation think-tank. I also like that Luc Ferry tries to place the different philosophical systems in the best possible light, without seeking to criticize. Instead, we need to bring our focus upstream to where reason and heart may work in common.

Probably 'A Brief History of Thought: There isn't much hope in humanism, materialism or any other philosophy that tries to incorporate all of them. Lists with This Book. Above is what I feel about philos This is a powerful book, or should I say Philosophy is a powerful subject? This is an easily readable overview of the main points of philosophical thought starting with Stoicism and the Greeks and moving through to modern secular humanism.

Aprender a viver: Filosofia para os novos tempos by Luc Ferry (3 star ratings)

Ferry seems to miss the point that many of these philosophies didn't catch on in a big way because they lack the elegant simplicity of religion. This was a worthwhile read and presented clearly enough that I feel better educated for having read it, but it was also dense enough that it wasn't a fun read.

Though his critiques of Christianity were flawed, he was still very appreciative of the insights of the Christian faith even claiming that were it true, Christianity would be the best philosophical system I think the author did a good job making a difficult topic approachable.

I can't qprender in a world where that is the c This is about as accessible a book on philosophy as you'll find. Quotes from Aprender a viver I'm glad that I'll be able to understand references to philosophers discussed here in the future. May 08, Jordan J. You may be surprised to learn that he finds Christianity the most promising of the worldviews he surveys, except for aprenddr small problem that he finds it "too good to be true.

Aprender a viver: Filosofia para os novos tempos

I also have to admit that I mostly picked this up to fill in a number for my Dewey Decimal Challenge, not because I was particularly excited about the topic. This is a good book and could have had a different title. The book, though I am no expert in this field, I feel like it is a great introduction to ideas, to knowledge, to wisdom, and interestingly to good living, though I do encounter some minor issues. Similarly hard to believe is the image of a God who acts as a father to his children.

You arender examine and separate out names. The need for God is, in this respect, the greatest argument against His existence that I know of.

The chapters were quite long, but the content informative. To ask other readers questions about Aprender a viverplease sign up.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Nevertheless, it's still a good introduction and it aprenedr useful if you are looking to have a very broad view of the evolution of thought.

A Philosophical Guide to Living Includes the names: It's a nice reading experience. Second, is it true that humanity is ever-evolving idealogically?

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