David eddings the sapphire rose

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The heroes wear it around their necks like a weight for the remainder of the story. Aug 18, S. The fighting was handled well and I could follow what was happening without too much trouble. Even Sephrenia does it in the later books!

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I'm really disappointed with this last book. That's one of the things that makes me excited to start with Sapphirr Tamuli next. So often the relationships between women are portrayed as bitchy, jealous, spiteful things.

A couple of genuinely fine moments, but less quality overall than The Belgariad.

The Sapphire Rose

Belgarath the Sorcerer The Belgariad 7. But it's just so damned entertaining that they don't really matter.

And you know, none of that business really makes sense. Also in The Elenium. I love the political intrigues of the Hierocracy. Retrieved from " https: The Sapphire Rose is the final th in the David Eddings fantasy trilogy The Eleniumand overall it provides a satisfactory conclusion.

Way to go for insulting two groups there! But the relationship is merely a footnote in the story. This is epic fantasy, make no mistake. It actually ends up lessening the tone edeings the conclusion, changing sappuire from a satisfying, hard earned conclusion, to a short breather before the next storm comes in. The fighting was handled well and I could follow what was happening without too much trouble.

And I loved that Dolmant didn't even realise that the Queen's speech had been about him. A nice endings, with solid character development and plot.

As for the character relationships - some were predictable, but not in a way that annoyed me, and others were quite surprising. Aphrael in disguise appears she totally steals the scenes that she is in and when she becomes the daughter of Sparhawk and Ehlana this also adds a lot of humour to things especially when Ehlana suggests fddings Flute and Aphrael would make excellent playmates!

What are you waiting for? Things I loved about the Elenium trilogy were the characters and their relationships.

The Sapphire Rose (The Elenium, #3) by David Eddings

Death should have consequences. Because adventures are fun. Nor did I cry during the funeral scene. Here ends The Sapphire Rose, thus concluding the tale of The Elenium -- but not the adventures of Sparhawk and his companions. Next up there's some ecclesiastical droning and some sort of medieval hymn medley because it's Let's-All-Choose-A-New-Archprelate-Time! I've finished my re-read of The Sapphire Rose and The Elenium and must say that it's every bit as good as I remembered it to be - maybe even more so now that I'm much older and can appreciate the arts more fully.

It's the classic problem with having a character that's too powerful. From deep within its azure heart there came a kind of pulsating glow, deep blue at the tips of the petals and darkening down at the gem's center to a lambent midnight.

The Hidden City The Tamuli: Cover of The Diamond Throne. Unlike in Eddings' Belgariad, a dead hero does not come back to life. Finally we reach the Temple of Azash, and frankly we're overdue for a half-hour long neo-progressive guitar based piece, all the while multi-limbed gods are ripping people's heads off, soldiers getting crushed to death in a labyrinth, fan favourites are getting laid off left, right and centre and Kalten steals two small cakes.

He now has to go on another perilous quest to destroy the god, Azash. In a show of unity, the other three Church Knight Orders also send their champions to be his companions:

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