Excessive love for the husband or too much fondness for children; advancing age; extreme fondness for some hobby indifference to the game of love: Oh learned men, pray listen closely to this literary masterpiece which, like a lamp, illumines the Art of Love. She dresses with dignity, partakes moderately of soft and clean food, bears herself with dignity and inviol- able self-respect, and favours particularly white flowers and white dresses. Sculptured panels with Couples and decorative designs from the base of the Sun temple, Konarak.

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When a woman, much perturbed and sighing profusely, grasps with one of her legs the leg of her lover, while she rests her other leg on his thigh: Sculpture from the Sun temple at Konarak. A Nagasattva woman is given to excessive sighing and yawning, and to wander-lust. Their fluid and bones have all the requisites, and the former is like butter — cool, thick, profuse and acid-smelling.

She must attend to the welfare of the servants and to the animals used for transport, and care for pets such as monkeys, koels, parrots, mynas, sarasa, and others.

She has a gentle nature, betrays little anger, but can be greatly perturbed by envy. Now forthwith, their variations will be described where the man assumes a sleeping position.

Recipes for the Removal of Organic Pain, 95 M. Translation given here is ratirahasyw to Yashodhara— TransL. A man condemns a woman who is easily seduced, longs for the in- accessible woman and often charges her with false accusations. View all subjects More like this Similar Items. Bhramaka Pleases with speech. Exquisite sculpture of a couple from the Lingaraja temple, Bhubaneshwar.

Ratirahasya - Wikipedia

When all the teeth are used, the result is different. The name is not distinctly given. Then the virile Pandit inserted gold pins into her arms and legs, and brought her back before the king. Men afflicted with desire can overwhelm the doe-eyed women through the resplendence of the sixteen matras vowels ratiirahasya consonants which like sparks from a fire, are directed to their vulnerable limbs.

Tripathi, in his commentary, explains these four types. Detail oj a god and goddess in an amorous pose from the Parasvanatha temple, Khajuraho. Yashodhara in his commentary on K. He has bees as his retinue, koels cuckoos to sing his panegyrics, the Moon as his royal canopy, the ratifahasya breeze from the mount Malaya to serve as his frenzied elephant-mount, the delicate limbs of a woman to act as his bowstring and her coquettish glances as his arrows.

The Hindu secrets of love : Rati rahasya of Pandit Kokkoka (eBook, ) [modellingadvice.info]

The commentator has misunderstood the meaning of Chitra Rata: As they obtain more and more satisfaction, during the later unions, they become sufficiently well-equipped emotionally to derive satisfaction in a shorter time. Similarly, relations with the wife of a learned man or ratirahadya a friend, or of a kinsman or of a king, should be studiously avoided.

Before approaching the wife of another man, he may ponder thus: Accordingly, women can be subjugated easily, if a man bears in mind her provincial peculiarities, her predilection for a particular season winter, sum- mer, etc.

Is either well liked or hated.

The Hindu secrets of love : Rati rahasya of Pandit Kokkoka

Its translation into English will be a valuable contribution. Linked Data More info about Linked Data. In the 3 Utphullaka position, the woman lying on her back, lifts her posteriors with both hands and thus raises her yoni while both her knees are bent above his posteriors, and he keeps squeezing her breasts with both hands. Recipes for Abortion, 94 I. Men Who Are Successful with Women We can conjecture that he became deeply attached to one such courtesan named Gunapataka whom he instructed and who eventually emerged as an adept at his own Art.

Rati rahasya of Pandit Kokkoka

She should never remain long in a deserted place or at rayirahasya porch, and under no circumstances should she reply to him in a harsh or unpleasant manner.

As for Kokkoka, he tells us that he gathered his material from the works of Nandikeshwara, Goniputraka, etc. She is devoid of dignity.

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