Apostila de ingles para iniciantes em

You don't have to cook tonight. This is not your book. I know how to cook. I am in front of the microwave. How often do you cook?

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This is not your book. He'll cook for us tonight, won't he?

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I am in the kitchen. He tells me that he cooks. This is the kitchen where I cook. I have baked cookies before. Eat your vegetables or no TV for you! I cooked, you cooked.

aposti,a She requested that we cook for her. Both my sisters cook. Will he cook tonight? He is famous for his cooking. How many pizza pies? I like to cook. May I sit here? Why do you cook?


I cooked too much food to eat by myself. One of my sisters cooks.

I am good at cooking. What do you cook? How often do you cook? What would you make?

I wish that I could cook. I am at home. You should take a rest. I don't cook everyday. I will have my son cook us eggs. I talk to my friends while I cook. I cook with my mom. My favorite thing to do is to cook. I have been cooking for three hours. I had been cooking for an hour before I finally ate.

I know how to cook. Learn how greet someone. Is Jim going to cook dinner for us?

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