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Paperback , pages. That being said, I still love the book, and will definitely recommend it to those looking for a good read. I'm continually amazed that people who seem to dislike fun things and love things like board meetings, suits and budgets here's looking at you Hollywood fat-cats work so hard to make entertainment businesses profitable. From the early days as a Hanafuda card manufacturer until the early SNES era, the author dives into the people Yamauchi, Arakawa, Main, Miyamoto , the consoles, the games and every interesting tale the Tetris negotiations, the battle with Tengen and many more.

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It's been a while since I've read this one, but it's stuck with me. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the book as it describes the history of Nintendo in a enjoyable and readable manner. We do get some information on Atari, Tengen, EA, and others, but always in the context of how they relate to Nintendo. Even though it's about the video gaming industry, I believe that someone with absolutely no interest in that field could pick it up and enjoy it.

Highly recommended for either history buffs or gamers, and a special thanks for my in-laws for the gift. Game Over, Press Start to Continue: Sadly, the book was somewhat weak on that end. The book also provides a history of the worldwide electronic gaming industry as a whole from the s to the s.

Game Over, Press Start to Continue: How Nintendo Conquered the World 0966961706

It also covered a bit more about the Atari era than I expected, which was a nice surprise. Amos Snead and Jaime Harrison. Por un lado, me hizo falta explorar el lado creativo, que en parte era lo que buscaba. May 09, A. May 16, Trevor Hubbard rated it really liked it.

Anyway, good read if you're at all interested in the history of Nintendo. It's very awkwardly written at times, so the story fails to engage.

Xavid 13, Bruce Wong rated it it was amazing.

Game Over, Press Start to Continue: How Nintendo Conquered the World

From Global to Local. Although I was looking for something that explored the background of the designers of these iconic games which is briefly exploredthe story of how NOA was built, the law suits and the marketing strategies were interesting dramas that would probably make a great TV show some day.

More later when I'm not on my iPad, maybe. Aug 23, Harper rated it liked it. Shedf only downside is the lack of visual aids so you better open Youtube and google Images to have a visual complement of the story which I think is indispensable. Views Read Edit View agme. Written in before the rise of the Playstation and the Xboxthis book goes into detail about some unknown-to-me inner workings at Nintendo, especially concerning the Game Boy and the way the corporation dealt with its licensees.

Also by David Sheff. Ironically, I was working for Sega at voer time.

Full text of "Game Over ()(Cyberactive Publishing)"

A Sense of Something Greater. Anyone who wants to know all they can about the origins, rise, hardships and early days of Nintendo should absolutely read this book.

They concluded, " Next Generation uses Game Over as a reference guide on a day-to-day basis, and we really can't give any higher recommendation than that.

Some great history and stories but I really wish it had focused more on the Sega rivalry instead of just briefly vavid it towards the end.

This is about the process that took Nintendo from being a humble deck cards maker to a multi-million dollar corporation that is nowadays. Looking for More Great Reads?

The book does suffer a bit from being released at the height of the early s panic that the Japanese were conspiring to economically take over the United States the book refers to Michael Crichton's "Rising Sun" on a couple of occasions this explains the book's title and for the first iver sensationalist packaging. How Nintendo Conquered the World 4.

A comprehensive history davidd Nintendo, the company, its masterminds, visionaries, and other businessmen.

We all know what happened next. Shigeru Miyamoto himself can be directly attributed for much of what video games became, and his artful and inquisitive shff meant that the experiences moved from sports to story:.

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