Indian companies act 1956 bare act

Section - Appointment and powers of provisional liquidator. Provided that in any proceedings against a person in respect of an offence under this section, it shall be a defence to prove 2 that a competent and reliable person was charged with the duty of seeing that the provisions of this section and the other requirements 1. Provided further that the- Central Government shall not be bound to furnish the company or any other person with a copy of any report by an inspector appointed under this section or with a complete copy thereof, if it is of opinion that there is good reason for not divulging the contents of the report or of parts thereof; but in such a case, the Central Government shall cause to be kept by the Registrar a copy of any such report, or as the case may be, of the parts thereof, as respects which it is not of that opinion.

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Section Employees securities to be deposited in post office savings bank or Scheduled Bank. Sub- section indjan relettered at cl. SectionE - Power of Central Government to remove managerial personnel on the basis of Tribunal decision.

Section - Penalty for contravention of section or Application to Company Law Board for relief in cases of mismanagement.

Appointment of Official Liquidator. Power to summon persons suspected of having property of company, etc. Service of documents on members by company.

Section - Registration of charges on properties acquired subject to charge. Section Corrupt inducement affecting appointment as liquidator.

Companies Act Section 3 - Citation - Bare Act | LegalCrystal

Section - Jurisdiction of High Court under sectionsand to be exercised at any time and at any stage [Repealed]. Change of existing private limited companies. Section Penalty for contravention of section or Bre Provisions as to resolutions for appointing or removing auditors. Certain persons not to be appointed managing directors.

Section - Right of auditor to attend general meeting. Right of company to increase or reduce the number indiqn directors. Power to dispense with" Limited" in name of charitable or other company. Effect of winding up order.

Section - Application of sections to to proceedings under sections and Section - Directions as to property in certain cases. SectionG - Penalty for contravention of provisions of section A or section C or section 9156 or section E. Issue of sweat equity shares. Save as otherwise expressly provided in the Act- a the provisions of this Act shall have effect notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the memorandum or articles of a company, or in any agreement executed by it, or in any resolution passed by the company in general meeting or by its Board of directors, whether the same be registered, executed or passed, as the case may be, before or after the commencement of this Act; and.

Company's failure to comply with Part not to affect its liability under contracts, etc. Section - Time when certain disqualifications will take effect [Repealed].

Companies Act,1956 BARE ACT

Section Publication of name by company. An application by members of a company 1 under sub- section 2 of section ] shall be supported by such evidence as the 1 Company Law Board may require] for the purpose of showing that the applicants have good reason for requiring the investigation; and the Central Government may, before appointing an inspector, require the applicants to give security, for such amount not exceeding one thousand rupees as it may think fit, for payment of the costs of the investigation.

Effect of memorandum and vare. Term of office of existing managing agents to terminate on 15th August, Application for winding up of company or an order under section or Section Penalty for contravention wct sectionsand Provided further that nothing contained in this sub- section shall apply where the company has availed itself of the option given to it under section to appoint not less than two- thirds of the total number of directors according to the principle of proportional re- presentation.

Chairman's declaration of result of voting by show of hands to be conclusive. Composition of certain offences.

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