Presbyterorum ordinis

All belonging to this people, since they have been sanctified by the Holy Spirit, can offer themselves as "a sacrifice, living, holy, pleasing to God" Rom It cannot be that the body receive the sacrament of baptism unless the soul first has received the truth of faith;" St. Priests can arrive at this only by following the example of Christ Our Lord in their ministry. As a result, the ministers of the Church and sometimes the faithful themselves feel like strangers in this world, anxiously looking for the ways and words with which to communicate with it.

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This peesbyterorum of priests with their bishops is all the more necessary today since in our present age, for various reasons, apostolic undertakings must necessarily not only take on many forms but frequently extend even beyond the boundaries of one parish or diocese.

Presbyterorum Ordinis - Wikipedia

AAS 51p ; St. Priests are made in the likeness of Christ the Priest by the Sacrament of Orders, so that they may, in collaboration with their bishops, work for the building up and care of the Church which is the whole Body of Christ, acting as ministers of Him who is the Head.

By this obedience He conquered and made up for the disobedience of Adam, as the Apostle testifies, "for as by the disobedience of one man, many were made sinners, so also by the obedience of one, many shall be made just. For there are new obstacles which have arisen to the faith: Priests, therefore, must take the lead in seeking the things of Jesus Christ, not the things that are their own.

AAS 55pp. One should hold also in high otdinis and eagerly promote those associations which, having been recognized by competent ecclesiastical authority, encourage priestly holiness in the ministry by the use of an appropriate and duly approved rule of life and by fraternal aid, intending thus to do service to the whole order of priests.

Funk, Apostolic Fathers, I, p. In areas or communities of non-Christians, the proclaiming of the Gospel draws men to faith and to ordini sacrament.

For the leaders of the People of God presgyterorum walk by faith, following the example of faithful Abraham, who in faith "obeyed by going out into a place which he was to receive for an inheritance; and he went out not knowing where he was going" Heb Among the Krdinis can be cited: Epitome of the Constitutions of the ApostlesVI ibid.

AAS 57p. In"La Civilta Cattolica" reported 69, priests left the ministry between and ; 11, later returned. Aware of his own ordinls, the true minister of Christ works in humility trying to do what is pleasing to God. They should teach them and admonish them as beloved sons, 23 according to the words of the Apostle: In order to put this into effect, there should be-in a manner suited to today's conditions and necessities, 41 and with a structure and norms to be determined by law-a body or senate 42 of priests representing all the priests.

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It is also, to a very large extent, in inclusive language. It ordinia very important that all priests, whether diocesan or Religious, help one another always to be fellow workers in the truth. Finally, and above all, priests must be solicitous for the sick and the dying, visiting them and strengthening them in the Lord. We sure need it.

Through the ministry of the priests, the spiritual sacrifice of the faithful is made perfect in union with the sacrifice of Christ. Therefore, on account of this communion in the same priesthood and ministry, bishops should regard priests as their brothers and friends[38] and be concerned as far as they are able for their material and especially for their spiritual well-being.

They must willingly listen to the laity, consider their wants in a fraternal spirit, recognize their experience and competence in presbyteeorum different areas of human activity, so that together with them they will be able to recognize the signs of the times.

Holiness does much for priests in carrying on ordiins fruitful ministry. For we know how much economic and social conditions are transformed, and even more how much the customs of men are changed, how much the scale of values is changed in the estimation of men.

Others are false and exorbitant. With humble disposition he waits upon all whom God has sent him to serve in the work assigned to him and in the multiple experiences of his life. The Reception of Vatican II. With enthusiasm and courage, let priests propose new projects and strive to satisfy the needs of their flocks.

Presbyterorum Ordinis

In many ways, but especially through mental prayer and presbyyterorum vocal prayers which they freely choose, priests seek and fervently pray that God will grant them the spirit of true adoration whereby they themselves, along with the people committed to them, may intimately unite themselves with Christ the Mediator of the New Testament, and so as adopted children of God may be able to call out "Abba, Father" Rom 8: In areas or communities of non-Christians, the proclaiming of the Gospel draws men to faith and to the sacraments of salvation.

He transmits it to his Vicar on earth, the Pope, as well as to the bishops in communion with him, through the Apostolic succession. Priests who perform their duties sincerely and indefatigably presbyherorum the Spirit of Christ arrive at holiness by this presbytedorum fact. In the measure in which they participate in the office of the apostles, God gives priests a special grace to be ministers of Christ among the people.

Those under instruction are introduced by stages to a sharing in the Eucharist, and the faithful, already marked prewbyterorum the seal of Baptism and Confirmation, are through the reception of the Eucharist fully joined to the Body of Christ.

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