Servlets interview questions and answers

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How to control initialization of Servlet? It is usable ajswers to extend if you some day have to write servlet for protocol other than HTTP.

We at tutorialspoint wish you best luck to have a good interviewer and all the very best for your future endeavor. January 2, at 5: In that case it is required to have inter-servlet communication. We generally override the doPostdoGet method based on the requirement.

The sefvlets functionality of the Java class libraries is available to a servlet. WAR stands for Web Archive.

This method returns an Answres that contains the parameter names in an unspecified order. In doPost parameters are not visible in the address bar. In the case of servlet, servlet container is responsible for instantiating the servlet, so the constructor is also called by servlet container only.

What are major enhancement or features added in Servlet 3.

Servlet interview questions and answers

These kinds of servlet interview questions are quite popular on service based companies who just want to dig one level more. Setting cookies with servlet involves three steps: The object of servlet class gets created in this phase. Remove a particular attribute: Cookie objects by calling the getCookies method of HttpServletRequest. Any servlet or JSP in that web application can access context init parameter. This means enabling a web site to provide different versions of content translated into the visitor's language or nationality.

January 17, at 9: PrintWriter is a character-stream class whereas ServletOutputStream is a byte-stream class. It generates dynamic content and interacts with client through Request and Response.

We can communicate between servlets by using RequestDespatcher interface and servlet chaining. To have any useful behaviour, it is expected that you will have to override the methods. It just become a infinite loop and cause the StackOverflowException. Professional Certifications Sun Certification.

Wisdomjobs Java Servlets interview questions and answers provides you with complete guide and makes you prepared for winning job interview. People who read this, also read: Servlet Filters are Java classes that can be used in Servlet Programming for the following purposes:.

GenericServlet abstract class is not specific to any protocol. How do you upload a file using Servlet 3. As it is platform and server independent, it is used for many purposes.

Servlet interview questions and answers

The Servlet context is an object that contains a information about the Web application and container. This class is extended by all other classes and it is protocol independent.

How URL rewriting maintains session? What is asynchronous processing in Servlet? How do you ensure that a particular servlet can only be accessed after authetincation?

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