Tales of xillia walkthrough

Stephanie Barnes Editor s: Jude [36] That Labari Hollow Feeling. Jude [46] Into the Journey's Origin.

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Jude [06] Like Napples and Poranges. Jude [12] Stupid Sexy Dhaos. After the scene backtrack through the hallway to the lockers for an Orange Gel and then walkthfough your way into a lobby. Jude [42] Mad Screams of Love. Jude [44] The Ride of Their Lives.

Tales of Xillia FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation 3 - GameFAQs

More in Tales Series [42]. Jude [01] The Life of a Medical Student.

Return to Xian Du. Stephanie Barnes Editor s: Tales Series Tales of Berseria Jude [03] Milla Lacks Jude [28] Fight Through the Pain. Jude [70] When Spyrites Attack.

Jude [25] Jude's Homecoming. Teepo's Truth, Elize's "Home" - Episode Jude [24] What is Real Ealkthrough. Jude [69] The Good, the Bad, and the Spyrix.

Jude [17] The Butler Did It. Instead of heading to toward the research center, return to the Teaching Wing, where you started your journey, and encounter a group of students talking about Jude for your first sub event Rumors About Jude.

Leia Rolando Guide PS3. Jude [26] Mine Spelunking. Ambush At Kijara Seafalls - Episode 8. Jude [37] Elize and Teepo. Jude [16] Sidequestin' in Sharilton. Jude [45] Friends and Enemies. Jude [46] Into the Journey's Origin. Nachtigal's Experiment, Maxwell Maimed - Episode All Guides Login Settings Logout. Sleeping Stowaway, Lakutam Seahaven - Episode Jude [05] A First Time for Anything.

Jude [23] The Conductor is Here.

Walkthrough - Jude

Jude [60] So Much Tempest Pirouette. Jude [76] The Devil's Beasts, Part 1. While the game suggests a certain path, you can still visit Seahaven to access a save point and some conversations. Jude [65] Muzet and the Uncanny Valley.

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