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Being different led them to economic success, as well as drew criticism for standing out. Stanley's coasting on the success of his first book and it makes me wonder if the real genius for Millionaire Next Door was his co-author. While they paid good money for their shoes initially, in the long run they actually saved money by taking care of them. Refresh and try again. September Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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I buy that logic. Apr 16, Bobby rated it really liked it.

Jennifer Taylor Chan

Make sure you read the explanations! Many admit to being religious and imllionaire often, while others have strong psychological patterns for never dwelling on past mistakes and thinking positively about their futures. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. The Millionaire Mind targets a population of millionaires who have accumulated substantial wealth and live in ways that openly demonstrate their affluence.

The Millionaire Mind - Wikipedia

But millionaires tend to choose a career in which there is no ceiling on how much money they can make if they are successful at it. An overwhelmingly amount of the millionaires surveyed had indicated that loving their jobs was essential to their economic success.

The Millionaire Mind has soldcopies. The Millionaire Next Doorpublished inhas sold more than one million copies in hardcover and nearly one million in paperback. - Over , of the Best Audiobooks & Original Content

Donald Mitchell, author and finance consultant, criticized The Millionaire Mind saying, "because of the millionaife the sample was selected, you won't get much variety Oct 20, Sarah rated it it was ok Shelves: This is a not-so-veiled hint throughout the book preach it, Stanley!

They get other people to paint their house because they know their time is better spent focusing on their investments. This book is a more in-depth statistical analysis. That's the biggest savings of all. So these are people who for the most part started with little to nothing and built substantial fortunes.

Stanley's research into the affluent began in the early s. Feb 16, Jacob rated it really liked it. He totally misses that they do the latter because it is a good exercise in financial discipline that is primarily used to teach children and that they understand thinking on the margin and the power minnd habits.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Stanley began studying the affluent in I had a nice collection of fine furniture inherited from my grandparents.

I'm a lawyer and writer based in Toronto. I know frugality gets knocked sometimes in favor of earning more, but you really make the case here. Thomas followed his first book with Marketing to the Affluentranked among the ten outstanding business books by the editors of Best of Business Quarterly. They buy homes when others are selling.

Book review: The Millionaire Mind by Thomas Stanley

What they learned most in school was how to judge people well and get along with them, and that hard work could bring a surprising level of success.

What is important to them? How do they run their households? Many millionaires prefer to repair or refinish rather than buy new. Instead, move to a reasonably inexpensive area, which will enable you to invest more of your earnings. They are often of quite humble origin, with only average grades in school and in college, nor were they ever the Most Likely to Succeed types.

The book also upse This book is a follow-up to the more famous The Millionaire Next Door and is a worthy effort.

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