The reckoning alma katsu

Exactly the way I had felt about Jonathan, once upon a time. From extreme loneliness to overwhelming guilt and for Lanore, living with the crippling fear of Adair taking his revenge on her, for his year imprisonment, even Lanore, longs for a return to a mortal life with a natural end. Looking for a good read? My most enthusiactic thanks to Gallery Books and Alma Katsu. The cover makes it look like a YA book but it is not for kids.

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As the time passes for Adair, he realizes his feelings for Lanore are less about revenge and more about love. You will be left wanting, needing, and wondering The third book wraps it up nicely. Suddenly on the run after two hundred years, Lanore reckonihg seek out those like her to search for a way to destroy the indestructible Adair.

Character development and depth brought the tale to life.

The terror Lanny feels is palpable and forces her to take action in a way that she never thought she would, leaving Luke devastated. Open Preview See a Problem? She met Adair there, became his plaything until she got sick. This sequel to The Taker was so good. Hardcoverpages. She has purged her past to clear the way for a future with Luke Findley. Must redeem within 90 days. Then she'd found out about his plot to switch souls with Jonathan, and that was when she decided to find a way to stop him, and when she saw a means to do so she took it.

The Reckoning | Book by Alma Katsu | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Deeply unsettling and gripping sequel to The Taker. The books, so far, in The Taker Trilogy have managed to expand on the story kxtsu add to the characters on both fronts. Insane character development ama in with fantastic world building made reading this series a absolute delight.

The Reckoning picks up a year after The Taken. So when Adair went about to resurrect him, I was a bit perturbed. Sexual acts of the imagination ensue but not in detail.

She is sent to Boston to have the baby in a convent. More Books from this Author. For the reckpning time in Lanny's life she was eeckoning someone who took care of her and cherished her.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Set in multiple time periods and featuring unforgettable characters like Lord Byron, The Reckoning is a fascinating, page turning, thrilling novel that has every bit as much power as the first book in the series. It started with Luke, a doctor and he met a hte who was suspected of murder. Parts of the book, as in The Taker, are very brutal and explicit.

This is the guy that shagged everything in a skirt that would stand still long enough, but the sex with Lanore was his one noble act?

The Taker Trilogy by Alma Katsu

This was actually the first book of the series that I bought. Frankly, I was hoping Adair would kill Luke so I could be sure I wouldn't have to deal with his wet personality in the final book.

It must be trickery, one of his spells to make me think I loved him. I'd like one more filigreed cover to match my other two. We also get more back story on Adair and the physic and brought up to date on the status of some of the other immortals, Jude, Alejandro, Tilde, and Dona. Her first and most understandable reaction, she bolts. We also get a brief history on Adair. After reading quite a few candyfloss YA fantasy books, this feels like drinking some decadent dark chocolate - just what I needed.

We learn more about Luke and the family he left behind.

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