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The second thing is that he has the gift of explaining complex scientific concepts to laymen who are not scientists. But that's a small quibble, when placed against the chapter on the development of th Extremely clear and very interesting exploration of how evolutionary change is a result of small useful changes built up over time. Part of me feels really dumb reading this, because all I can do is take him at his word and go 'uh-huh, that must be how it's done'. I read this book years ago, when I developed an interest in learning more about evolution. I was immediately fascinated with the subject of evolution and went on to read all of Dawkin's other books available at that time.

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When she was around ten years old her formal education consisted of six months at a ceramics night school in Denmark. Todos los personajes son claves para la historia, todos manejan un nivel de delirio particular, que no es precisamente el de una enfermedad mental, sino el que surge por obsesiones, amores, prejuicios, ambiciones y ansiedad de poder. En la actualidad vive en Bogota, donde acaba de ser nombrada directora del instituto de Cultura Y Turismo. A Novel which has a similar set-up.