Api rp 1102

The longitudinal weld fatigue endurancelimits are given in Table3. Under highway surface proper b. Equation 13 1 - Fails fatiaue check Check for fatiguein girth weld:

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Due notice should be taken of the fact that external loads on flexible pipes can cause failure by pr. It consists of the following steps: The burial apii, is presented as a function of the ratio of pipe depthto bored diameter,HIB, for various soilcondi4. The variable positioning of highway trafficmakes it impractical to locate girth weldsfor minimum cyclic loading effects. Support materials subject to biological attack, such as wooden blocking, may decompose and increase the chance of local corrosion.

It should be recognized, however, that reductions in overcutting generally will increase frictional and adhesive resistance to the advance of the pipe.

There are a variety of coatings that are tough and exhibit good resistance to surface stress, moisture adsorption, and cathodic disbondment. The cyclic longitudinal stress for highway crossings is determined using Equation 6. Sorry, I think I found the answer.

APIrecognizes the contributions to this recommended practice made by GRI and acknowledges its cooperation in providing the latest pipelinedesign technology. Neither should it be applied to directionally drilled crossings or to pipelines installedin utility tunnels.

The hoop stress check to Clause 4. The applied design surface pressure, W pounds per square inch or kilonewtonsthen is determined as follows: If any check fails, modify thedesignconditions in Itema appropriately and repeat thesteps in Itemsb through h. Recommended methodsfor performing the steps in Items b through h, above, are described in 4.

API RP - all about pipelines

The pipe as laid should be centered in the ditch so as to provide equal apj on both sides between the pipe and the sides of the ditch.

All movements ofliquid petroleum pipelines should comply with the US.

Figure 3 shows KHerplotted for various E', as a are twosets of tandem or single axles inline with each other. Department of Transportation in compliance with 49 Code of Federal RegulationsPart corroborate this record.

API RP 1102 Pipeline Crossing Calculation

Yes Step h-Check Fatigue h. Use the result table option to display the pipe mass for the selected diameter.

Stiffness factor for cyclic longitudinal stress from railload. The current Recommended Practice 1 9 3 is the sixth edition and reflects the most recent design criteria and technology. This section focuses specifically on the design of uncased carrier pipelines to accommodate safely the stresses and deformations imposed atrailroad and highwaycrossings. Requirements for abnormal or unusual conditions are not specifically discussed, nor are zpi details of engineering and construction provided.

Hello, I am doing some API RP calculations to confirm adequate natural gas pipeline wall thickness for external vehicle loading at road and rail crossings. Total effective stress, in pounds per square inch or zpi. This is the load resulting from the uniform distribution of four kip kilonewton axles over an area 20 feet by 8 4. For the "total effective stress" calculated in I think it is best to apply the design factor for combined stress in accordance with the applicable pipeline design code.

Good backfillingpractice includes, but is not limited to, removing remolded anddisturbed soil from the bedding of the carrier pipe and placingfill compacted in sufficiently small lifts to achieve a dense bedding for the carrier.

API RP 1102

Select a module from the list below. The casing pipe should be at least two nomDesign procedures for casings beneath railroad and highway inal pipe sizes larger than thecarrier pipe.

The girth weld fatigue check is given by the following: Percussive moling also is used but is restricted to small pipelines, typically less than 6 inches millimeters in diameter. SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, 102 use cookies. Depth to top of pipe, in feet or meters.

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