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The first part of the vision shows the diseased organ, and the second part shows the infectious agent or microbe Compared with this and other modern modalities meridians of Calligaris are not progressive axiatonal lines- their basic nature remains in a closed circle. Happiness 12 mm; psychological weakness; sore upper back; tendency to move the mouth 3.

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Jon April 8, I agree with Elithe, Is there a book or resource that will allow me to read more about Calligaris' methods? If the hand is brushed with a phosphorus solution, one of these lines should glow in a dark room if the test person giuseppr the corresponding emotion. Paperback Hardcover Kindle Edition. Seeing in darkness 12 mm; coolness in eyes and mouth; seeing profiles of many faces; pain in feet and upper teeth or gum.

Infectious diseases I 8 mm, reinforces the secondary effects of a disease, for example, pain, pressure Respiration 10 mm; trembling in the stomach; desire to bite; tendency to vandalism. La televisione degli astri.

He believed that our brain just may be calliigaris concave mirror for the Universal Consciousness. The first part of the vision shows the diseased organ, and the second part shows the infectious agent or microbe. Giuseppe Calligaris: Books

The World Research Foundation www. Spleen 9 mm; pain in the ribs and lower right back; difficulty in calliggaris the head to the side; difficulty keeping eyes closed or open Anger 12 mm; anxiety; tendency to frown; feeling sick in the stomach 4.

Infectious diseases I 8 mm; reinforces the secondary effects of a disease, for example, pain, pressure.

Aura vision II 10 mm; soreness on a line from the left nipple to the groin, in two regions in front giuspepe the lower arm and along the right side of the face. Although he served, he was very critical of politicians and professional military people.

Natural Medicine Secrets Revealed: Giuseppe Calligaris

Reducing thirst 12 mm, same reflexes as for hunger The following compilation gives the identification number of giusepppe plaque as shown in the diagram, then the name or main effect of the plaque, size also the diameter of the cylinder needed for stimulationand expected reflexes.

Some people will not feel the sensation unless the lines are retraced with a cold metal object. Cancer is indicated by a sphere covered with hundreds of prickles, which Calligaris called spherula dentata. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service.

The majority of his materials are no longer available.

Reducing hunger or appetite 12 mm, sore right biceps and right buttock, dislike of color purple Using the thumb and index finger, press the tip of the middle finger of the person being tested. The following plaques may be easier to find and sensitize for beginners. Again, you can test this by lightly rubbing straight across the line with a cold spatula. Geometry, used by Calligariis Calligaris.

Telepatia e Telediagnosi Italian Edition Apr 14, For a similar, fully developed technique already calljgaris place, look up Emotional Freedom Technique. Microbe vision I 11 mm, pain in the back and middle fingers, paraesthesia in the legs, left face and front of the neck. Do know that occasionally, for unknown reasons, the plaques do not respond.

A light electric current can also be used. Basic Longitudinal lines with transversal dots.

Thoughts Do Heal

The line sensitivity may be more obvious if the organ is pressed. With these, the tested person sees his or her own organs or problems. Heteroscopic master plaque 11 mm, vision of a violet color, pain between fingers, paraesthesia of all body scars

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