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And if any one could have done so, there would have been no more extensive vocabulary at his service than that which the East Frisian laws afford. The public defeat of Himmler's scholarly brand of "esoteric Nordicism" resulted in the foundation of Ahnenerbe, which attracted occultists such as Karl Maria Wiligut and was viewed with suspicion by the mainstream National Socialist ideologues of Amt Rosenberg. Thus these accounts chime in with and clear up each other, and in that way afford a mutual confirmation of the events. By the Arabians this art was brought to the Greeks.

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They treat Diffusionism the same atrocious way as the by them rejected very thorough historical method of Euhemerism! The coincidence is too remarkable to be accidental, and not to prove that Minnagara was the headquarters of the Frisian colony.

In oefa they seem to find grounds for doubting the antiquity of the manuscript.

Oera Linda Book

The manner of expressing all numbers by ten signs the Arabs learned in the West, though the form was in some measure corresponding with their writing, and was written from pera to right, after the Western fashion. Wattenbach booj in his "Das Schriftwesen im Mittelalter" Leipzig,s.

Most of the footnotes in the body of the text had to be placed at an inferred position, as for the most part the footnotes refer to the Frisian text, not the English. Darwinism has to deny Atlantis, the Great Flood, the descendancy from the Noatic patriarchs, according to the spread of peoples from Sumeria according to the Hebrew tables of nations, as well as all other ancient ethnic chronicles mentioned above.

It also describes a lost land called Atland the name given to Atlantis by the 17th century scholar Olof Rudbeckwhich was supposedly submerged in BC, the same year as 19th century Dutch and Frisian almanacs, following traditional Biblical chronology given for Noah's flood. A document of Kaufbeuren on linen paper of the year is of very doubtful genuineness. In the manufacture of the cotton paper raw cotton was originally used.

It lihda that the tradition rests upon the contents of two letters, with which the manuscript begins, from Hiddo oera Linda, annoand from Liko oera Linda, anno Here, see a rejected Diffusionist map of around hundred years ago!

Equally remarkable are the forms of their figures. In the case of the Oera Linda Book, they were too late, since it was translated, published and widely discussed before they knew it. The Myths have no bookk, much less any chronology, nor any internal coherence of successive events. In that report, among other things, appears the following: The Oera Linda Book, known in Old Frisian as Thet Oera Linda Bokcame to light in when Cornelis Over de Linden — handed the manuscript, which he claimed to have inherited from his grandfather, via his aunt, over to Eelco Verwijs —the provincial librarian of Booo, for translation and publication.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is continued by her son Adelbrost, and her daughter Apollonia. As the account stands, it is not clear what Nearchus had to do there, and what the object of the farther voyage was. This change in the oefa in this manuscript accordingly gives ground for important observations to philologists.

They start with the uncalled for and unproven premise that it is a false forgery and then they try to figure out WHO forged it, as if it is a foregone conclusion. A South African historian proposed the theory that the island Frisland turns up on old maps Zeno mapwas sunk and that only the Faroe islands are what is left of it. Frya has established her "Tex," the first law, and has established the religion of the eternal light.

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Also, from the accounts written on the walls of Waraburch, that the Finns likewise had a writing of their own—a very troublesome and difficult one to read—and that, therefore, the Tyrians and the Greeks had learned the writing of Frya. That the fleet really. Hook distinction from linen paper was not yet necessary.

Hoax, Parody or Nazi Bible? Pallas is a virgin goddess, Min-erva is a Burgtmaagd. It came to light in The Netherlands inwhen shipwright Cornelis Over de Linden in Enkhuizen presented it to the public for the first time — in Leeuwarden in the province of Friesland.

The last two sections of the Oera Linda Book contain a number of lacunae and the book itself breaks off in mid-sentence. It is very complete, and consists of thirty-four letters, among which are three separate forms of a and uand two of eiyand obesides four pairs odra double consonants ngthhsand gs. Some parts are missing, either because the copyist seemed to have missed a page ending in mid sentence, or the pages were ripped out or used to start fires.

The other, Neptune, called by the Etrurians Nethunus, the God of the Mediterranean Sea, appears here to have been, when living, a Friesland Viking, or sea-king, whose home was Alderga Ouddorp, not far from Alkmaar. She is not otherwise known than adult.

They speak sweet words, but they distort unnoticed all what relates to us Freyjans. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.

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