Six hats of thinking edward de bono

Creativity involves "thought experiments. Under this hat you explore the positives and probe for value and benefit. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our Free Newsletter for the latest posts on Management models and methods.

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It allows emotion and skepticism to be brought into what might normally be a purely rational process, and it opens up the opportunity for creativity within decision making. These are sequences of hats which encompass and structure the thinking process toward a distinct goal. Coloured hats are used as metaphors for each direction.

These six thinking hats metaphors provide a more complete and comprehensive segregation of the types of thinking than the prejudices that are inherent to the immediate thoughts of people. What is certain is that when people think in a group using their individual thoughts, they often fail to come to an agreement. If anyone in an actual business meeting told me to pause and put my green thinking hat on I would literally immediately take it off done my red hat and lash into them with a tirade of the stupidity of it all.

Six Thinking Hats

Lists with This Book. If the participants are not familiar with the process, it can be difficult to facilitate. A municipal commissioner can apply it, with his staff, he can make his city the best in the world. This site takes advantage of cutting edge technology to present the most effective and efficient website.

In fact, it's simple. Maybe these hats will grow on me in time… Read our Privacy Policy.

de Bono Thinking Systems | Six Thinking Hats®

I recommend sharing the process with people prior to the meeting and then reviewing the process again before you get started. Your team has the skills and techniques they need to make the best decision. Streamline your brain for a new era where conceptual thinkers have the advantage. I actually came across references to white- and black-hat thinking in a journalistic piece I read two or three days ago, and I knew what those terms meant without having to Google them.

The Red Hat signifies feelings, hunches and intuition. Sep 10, Sanaa Shaltout rated it did not like it. If you're naturally optimistic, jats chances are you don't always consider potential downsides.

As part of their decision-making process, they adopt the Six Thinking Hats technique. It should not be seen as a negative perspective, but rather as a logical haats to establish when proposals do not fit facts, where there are shortcomings in the available experience, or issues in the system or in policy.

Value and benefite are by no means always obvious. Can't we use our own ability as coordinating social creatures to approach problems on our own from different angle So annoying! Two key benefits of your advanced commitment to leadership development and The de Bono Group Leaders Package: At its best, this method of thinking and collaborating can be a very effective tool for organizing options, weighing considerations, making decisions and conducting meetings with order and little conflict.

In a board of directors meeting, we usually act according to our personality and prejudice, but if we apply 6 hats method by wearing the hats or assuming its symbolic meanings we start to see within ourselves qualities of thinking we thought we did not possess. Can't we use our own ability as coordinating social creatures to approach problems on our own from different angles and different vantage points? A variant of this technique is to look at problems from the point of view of different professionals for example, doctors, architects or sales directors or different customers.

The White Hat calls for information known or needed. Amazing because of limitation in debate and focusing in way of thinking. Initially everything around us was a mere thought in its genesis.

The idea is that we ALL use all the hats and the concept is easy to understand although does take practice to administer. Sequences always begin and end with a blue hat; the group agrees together how they will think, then they do the thinking, then they evaluate the outcomes of that thinking and what they should do next.

Well, de Bono does rather like himself continually reminding us of his creations including the term "lateral thinking", but don't let that stop you from reading efward understanding the six thinking hats directly from him.

Lateral Thinking tihnking Management:

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