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I already knew most of the details, but Holland makes this the best part of the book. Where Holland bests him is in his clear focus and his ability to get into the heads of his subjects: Hints, and nudges and the occasional wink, and in conclusion that is the final delight to this history. Tom Holland showed in Rubicon, his book on Julius Caeasar and his age, that he could master a complex and fast-moving narrative from ancient history and make it a pleasure for both general readers and the learned.

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Although neither the arm nor the head seems disturbed by the slightest movement, the hair, more sensitive, captures the oscillations of the wrist, amplifies them and translates them into unexpected eddies, which awaken reddish highlights in its moving mass. One more fascinating aspect we encounter — is the narrator really all that objective or is the narrator an integral part of the life of either or both of the main characters? Is she even married? Just as a louvre might be a blind, so might a lover be blind.

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For the sources to deal with biographical and institutional aspects, we resort to autobiographical texts and authors who lived with Demerval Saviani ones, whether on condition of workmates and students, both as students and supervised by him. Please try your request again later. Primeras aproximaciones Portuguese Edition Oct 01, Only 3 left in stock - order soon. To address the above concepts, the sources are their own works.

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Since the same sized seal as the original can be used, there is no need to search for other seals, or keep a stock of different sizes. Find detailed product information Have someone contact me fast Report a defect or make comments about the website Increase the website font size Find the SKF website in another language I would like to know SKF Speedi-Sleeve has a removable flange to simplify installation fig 1. This is, in fact, a better counterface than can often be achieved on a shaft. Depending on production quantities, non-standard sizes can be manufactured.