Websphere application server interview questions and answers

Data Source allow to you to manage a pool of connection to a database Data Source is handle to which database you want to connect , it is a communication between database and client or end-user 3. How to check thread dump in jacl. These applications could perform well on cross platform environment. Tell me about your day to day activity.

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We have a production support team, and Monitoring team, if they come across some thing abnormal then they will raise a production support tickets.

IBM WAS Administration Interview Questions & Answers

Even if DMGR is down, rest of the server will contine to run and serve the applications. Add the following properties: These IP addresses are not translated, making the packet useless. If Connection Timeout is set to 0, the Pool Manager waits as long as necessary until a connection is allocated which happens when the number of connections falls below the value of Max Connections.

Multiple stand alone application servers can be managed by using a job manager through administrator agents. Objects are promoted after having survived a certain number of garbage collections. appliaction

Top 23 Websphere Interview Questions & Answers

What type of driver you are using? Each server ID is appended to the session ID. Making a great Resume: Here is a list of new capabilities: FFDC data can be beneficial to analyze the issue, and this is often asked by IBM applciation if we contact them for any issues.

A-Absolutely, nodeagent must be in stopped for sync to work. JMS provider type, bus name and the bus destination. The application encountered performance problems due to Java2Security. It is common practise to have web and app servers on different machines.

50 Frequently Asked WebSphere Interview Questions and Answers

It has better performance, rich implementation of J2EE, more extensive integration and transaction management compare to Weblogic. Cluster Configuration and Deploy Applications.

It has better performance, rich implementation of J2EE, more suestions integration and transaction management compare to Weblogic.

WebSphere MQ is an application program that allows you to communicate with each other using messages and queues. Report Attrition rate dips in corporate India: Specifies the serger, in seconds, after which a connection request times out and a ConnectionWaitTimeoutException is thrown.

In websphere u can add webserver as a unmanaged node where as u cannnt do that in weblogic. The sync ensures the configuration in both local and master repositories are same and in sync.

Deployment descriptor is an XML file that describes how to deploy a module or application by specifying configuration and container options. A We have to install ibm http server, by using ikeyman tool we can create and use SSL certificates. It is designed for setting up, operation and integra The qusstions ports you use are HTTP: If you set the purge policy for this data source object to Webspnere, only the connection that caused the StaleConnectionException is closed.

IBM Websphere Application Server Interview Questions & Answers

Administrator must create the new profile with a services enabled before starting the wizard, and then point to that profile during the migration wizard. A vertical cluster has cluster members on the same node, or a physical machine. Display all port no's?

If above is not the case then, there might be a script in cron, which checks for the process, and if not found then start it. How to find the admin console port? It is designed for setting up, operation and integration of electronic business applications.

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