Baby boy names in gujarati

Aarhant Protector from Enemies. Nagpal Saviour of Serpents. Baanbhatt Name of an Ancient Poet. Jayanta Victorious; Lord Vishnu. Kapilash Name of a Sage.

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Isar Eminent; Lord Shiva.

Devarsi Sage of the Devas. Padmabandhu Friend of Lotus; Bee; Sun. Jaldev God of Water. Krishnendu Lord Krishna; Prince of Earth. Bhim Gujarwti One of Pandavas.

Gujarati Boy Names

Dharish King of Charity. Manjughosh Sweet Sounding Recitation. Jitan God of Victory; Winner.

Girish God of Mountain; Lord Shiva. Balaram The Brother of Lord Krishna.

Hamdev Lord of Gold. Chirag Lamp; Allaudins Lamps.

Muraaree Another Babyy of Lord Krishna. Meetraj Kingdom of Friends. Kalidass Black Colour; Poet Name. Mahipal King of the Earth; A King. Jayshanker Victory of Lord Shiva. Aurva Grandson of Rishi Bhrigu.

Gujarati Baby Boy Names -

Gurpreet Love of the Teacher; Love of Guru. Meaning - Form of knowledge. Bhanudas A Devotee of the Sun. Jimit To Win Others Hearts. Manprasad Mentally Calm and Cool Person.

Jayashekhar Crest of Victory. Kadamb Name of a Tree.

Gujarati Boy Names » A

Kusum Flower Like; Blossom Like. Manavendra King Among Men. Meaning - Like a God. Jesal King of Gods; King of Kutch. Bhushan Cleaver; Ornament; Feeling of Proudness.

Gujarati Baby Names With Meanings, Gujarati Boy & Girl Names |

Priyesh Loved by God. Kunaal Son of King Ashoka. Login Chat with other Moms and Hear from Experts. Devsena Army of Gods.

Boj - Having immense strength, Great strength, Enormously strong Lord. Meaning - Growth, Super abundance.

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