Ethnography through thick and thin

It is marked by an organization of diversity rather than by a replication of uniformity. It is rather an effort to establish the terms for self-determining and self-controlled partic- ipation in the process of global integration and the struggle for planetary order. Author Marcus, George E. For a mod- ernist approach to identity in ethnography, it is this process of dis- persed identity in many different places of differing character that must be grasped Of course, such a requirement presents new and some very difficult problems of research method and textual represen- tation in ethnography. We have a number of masters degree students from other graduate programs, in anthropol- ogy as well as other disciplines, who transfer to ours to pursue work that they and we feel might be better done in our departmental envi- ronment.

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Ethnography Through Thick and Thin

The affinities themselves that motivate research, their explora- tion, and then projection, are all part of a process that inevitably leads to a multi-sited frame throubh should be treated ethnographically, whether the whole space is actually investigated or not once again what be- comes the focus and what becomes the context is a matter of decision and strategy in research design. Such studies of elites, cities, corpora- tions, hospitals, and other institutions, were rather oddities within an- thropology.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This in turn is a response to multi- ple critiques of anthropological practices that have appeared over the past two decades, and that come down to complaints about the inade- quacies of ethnographic accounts by various omissions or absences de- spite the anthropological spirit of holism. Keith marked it as to-read Mar 24, All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is pro- faned. Johannes Beyond Charisma: Finally, he celebrates in his vision of carnival the kind of diversity that ethnography has sought but which has been masked by past genre con- ventions.


Byzantine Dolphin added it Apr 14, By the mids, these cross-cutting interests in culture as lived local experience and die un- derstanding of the latter in ethnpgraphy perspective have come specifically to be about how collective and individual identities arc negotiated in the various places that anthropologists have traditionally, and now not so traditionally, conducted fieldwork.

For me, it has been the multi-sited character of the challenges — the need in any project to keep in view and mind two or more cthnographically conceived sites juxtaposed — that has made the difference, that has raised new provo- cation beyond the trenchant critiques of anthropological practice of tick s, which nonetheless occurred within a sustained mise-en- scene of traditional research imaginary.

Art Experimental Moment in the Human Sciences. State Library of NSW. Thus, my older interest in elites has become reinvigorated by asking what kinds of knowledge and what kinds of active participations from particular elites a project of critical ethnography that exceeds this orienting focus wants. The terms resistance and accom- modation adequately summarize the complex determinations of iden- tity and cultural meaning that these ethnographies explore.

The ideal or idea of dynasty exists across all of these settings and settles in as a cultural object of variable intensity and longevity, but it is not stable nor the characteristic of a particular rooted community.

Indeed, it recalls the cognidve framework with which classic aesthetic modernists revolted against realism in art and literature, and signals to me the penetration, at long last, of this critical framework into the modes of representation that the social sciences and history have employed to construct their subjects and explain them.

In sustaining a master narr ative of capitalism.

Representations and how they become powerful as social facts become synonymous with world historical processes of political econ- omy themselves. One may study the parties involved in a conflict or the life of a person. Such assumptions are essential both to giving his account closure and lending it an explanatory dimension. Introduction Anthropology on the Move 1 This volume provides an opportunity to pull together and juxtapose selected papers of mine that have been published over the past decade in dispersed venues.

In the past, such edi- nographic strategies might have juxtaposed the levels of social struc- ture, culture, anti psychology. This might be considered the manifesto for the spate of resistance and accommodation studies in anthropology like Jean Comaroffs Body of Power, Spirit of Resistance: In the final section, which includes the previously unpublished essay "Sticking with Ethnography through Thick and Thin," Marcus examines the evolving professional culture of anthropology and the predicaments of its new scholars.

As such, the study of the eccentric in con- texts of wealth, celebrity, and power is the study of one manifestation of the multi-sited imaginary embedded and operative in a particular form of social life itself.

The Poetics and Politics of Ethnography. Jason rated it it was amazing Feb 14, They can only exist in the imaginations of the author, her informants, and her readers. It is not that moral judgments cannot be made in the abstract and that ethnogra- phers are always operating iri terms of certain definite political and ethical commitments — this is abundantly and richly communicated in contemporary ethnographies — but the open-ended problem for criti- cal ethnography is to describe the ways that moral positions and norms take shape in diverse, broad, and conflicted spaces of social life.

Some sort of eth- nographic practice of research and writing that portrays chunks, cross- sections, bits an appropriate label for this kind of circumscription of the ethnography does not yet exist in its simultaneity and intimacy is central to fulfilling the kind of representation of an emergent world of IMAGINING THE WHOLE 51 order and disorder lhai Lash and Urry forge out of the old Marxist master narrative of capitalism. University of Sydney Library.

Project MUSE - Ethnography through Thick and Thin (review)

The problem of any particular ethnography is thus stated and thought in terms that ethnography itself, as a genre and method, is not traditionally designed to probe. One way beyond repetitive resistance and accommodation studies 1 believe is the multi-locale systems directed ethnography to which I have al- luded. Instead, he does not even try to do so.

For example, Ulf Hannerz has been producing a number of pa- pers which attempt to define a construct of world, nether than local culture.

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