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These mobile exhibits have been deployed successfully in other countries and are often the first step in opening a market. The ability of the company to understand the diverse Indian market and adapt to the changing tastes and trends, has made it an authority in the field of architectural hardware, furniture fittings and kitchen fittings and accessories. We reach further near to the customer through our dedicated kitchen partners across India who would bring you our entire range under one roof. Now our service is just a call away through our centralized customer care team.

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Shorter distances to customers, smaller sales units and personal contact is the new motto. The Nagold service infrastructure is equipped with catalotue sophisticated and modern tools and facilities ensuring prompt and efficient service to our customers. The company's strategies are developed, and the product ranges are selected and documented at headquarters. In the following years, the bus also serves as an exhibition stand abroad.

Today, a large and modern showroom, conference rooms, offices, data centre and a test workshop are located in the award-winning building. Hafele India, a years-old subsidiary of the Hafele Global network, lays pride in its diverse range of quality products, well-networked channel partners and unmatched service to customers.

Hafele Design Centre - Hyderabad. It focuses exclusively on meeting the requirements of the furniture industry — along the entire value chain.


Famous Studio, Mahalaxmi WestMumbai Investment is made to expand sales offices in Germany starting in The small Minifix revolutionises the industry and accelerates the growth of the newly created RTA furniture sector. Hafele Design Centre - Kolkata. Things are quickly moving forward again.

It is started in with a subsidiary in Mexico. We bring to you the state of the art design centers across all metro and major cities for an enhanced and sophisticated retail experience.

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His credo still has central importance today: Sibylle Thierer, daughter of Walther Thierer, assumes responsibility for the company at the beginning of the new millennium and represents the third generation of family management.

The symbolic cover shows a picture of a globe which became the logo of the rapidly growing business. The company quickly causes a sensation by producing innovative hardware and exerts a lasting influence on furniture construction with its successful solutions. Central IT is located here, and from here, the global sales organizations are controlled.

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A large exhibition bus makes a 12,mile trip through the furniture centres of the USA. Demand for the products quickly grows so much that the production area must be expanded several times. Cataloguw veritable founding boom sets in. Hafele Design Centre - Mumbai.

Owing to this, Hafele has now established regional offices in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh while also spreading its sales operations to Nepal and Bhutan. The same year, the first "Functionality World" exhibition opens in Nagold. Brazil follows in and Argentina cataloggue Today this comprehensive reference tool for hardware technology is available in more than 24 languages, along with many special editions aimed at specific target groups and countries.

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Hafele Design Centre - Bangalore. Integrated showrooms make a visit to the sales offices particularly interesting and are very popular with customers. Now our service is just a call away through our centralized customer care team. Undia Weimar Republic is just a few years old, the consequences of the First World War are still evident everywhere.

Hafele Design Centre - Chennai. Datalogue Philippines Worldwide Contact. These mobile exhibits have been deployed successfully in other countries and are often the first step in opening a market.

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