Ipc j std 001e 2010

Multi Discipline Assembler - nd shift. Experience designing and debugging a wide…. For demos click here. This is the best and fastest method. Motorola Solutions — Schaumburg, IL.

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Page 2 of Downloaded papers should not be stored on an external network or shared on the internet. More 0001e 75 of these items are new or have been revised since the catalog.

Through Hole Connector Solder Joint Hole Fill

Of course, the alloy change needs to be approved by the final customer. If top side hole fill is used, then there is no concern about hole fill.

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While it is true that you may not be able to see under the connector body directly using a microscope because of adjacent components blocking the view, there is almost always enough clearance to use a combination of the microscope and an inspection mirror designed just for that purpose.

Experience with soldering tools Soldering iron, solder vacuum, heat gun, hot air pencil, etc. Lead-Free Visit our new section on lead-free. This is the best and fastest method.

Intel Corporation Date Published: Your Job Alert was created! I hope this somewhat answers the question, as I know the controversy regarding this topic and the positions taken by the various industries. An x-ray can be used to periodically ensure hole fill.

The JEDEC Committee therefore commissioned a Solder voids Task Group to investigate various metrology tools for matching when measuring voids in BGA balls that are attached to the package substrate, priori to soldering the component to the board. The most popular global electronics assembly standards are now updated!

Hot Solder Dip of a QFN chip for the Military Industry

What else do you get when you join SMTA? The second method is X-ray. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next. The coupon samples should serve as a representative of the lot of CCAs built under that machine setup. Topics include flex attachment, board in board, part on part, lead free, component orientation and soldering criteria for through-hole, SMT new termination styles and discrete wiring assemblies, mechanical assembly, cleaning, marking, coating, and laminate requirements.

Most experts agree that the pull syd is not an issue for through hole connectors. At some point when the solder profile is fine tuned, they can reduce AOI points. There are companies that can perform the microsectioning for a nominal cost or you can learn to do it yourself a great skill to have.

Wire strip/trim and Lead-free Solder Dip of RFI Filter for the Medical Industry -Huntsville, AL

As a prime contractor,…. Thirdly there has been some microsections taken to prove the process is in fact capable of producing the required solder joints as required by the specification. Full color illustrations are provided for clarity. In other words, the solder joint is visible under the component body. Download the IPC Publications catalogue.

Then str can periodically microsection the solder coupons, or perhaps you can simply visually verify the topside solder joints on the coupon connector, or use some combination of both methods.

Sgd side that passes does not mean both sides do. This paper will present the results from a couple of round robin studies conducted using 8 different metrology tools, both manual and automated, for measuring the void area within the in X-ray images of high density FCBGA component balls, obtained with a 2D Transmission X-ray tool. Multi Discipline Assembler - nd shift.

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