Rangarajan committee report on gas pricing

A lot of companies import gas either under long-term contracts or from the spot market depending on their needs and there is a lot of variance in pricing. Also, the time frame for exploration in future PSCs for frontier, deep-water more than m depth and ultra deep-water more than 1,m depth blocks is proposed to be extended from eight years currently to 10 years. CAG to outsource auditing for small blocks. However, it is a difficult material to transport.

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Committee has not commented on domestic gas allocation to sectors.

Rangrajan Committee report on natural gas pricing and its Repercussions on sector: « knowpowernews

Notify me of new comments via email. April 1,is when gas price ags Reliance Industries-operated D6 block is to get a new price. On the audit front, the committee has recommended that CAG will select blocks that it will directly audit on the basis of its financial merit, and focus on blocks in the exploration and development phase, when costs incurred are higher.

CAG should not reveal details of audit to public not prixing in Parliament because that leads to bad publicity for our company.

Another controversial issue is: RIL, which had been engaged in protracted wrangling with the Oil Ministry on pricing of natural gas from its eastern offshore KG-D6 field, said there was "positive traction in domestic exploration and production business environment with the submission of Rangarajan Committee Report". Fiscal terms under PSC: The existing norms allow a company to recover all its capital invested in exploration and production of the gas, after which the profits are shared with the Union government under an agreed formula.

Thus it will help these companies to make profits. How to decide the Price of domestically produced natural gas? Production-linked payment The production-linked payment is said to be more transparent and will have less intervention in routine exploration and development activities.

Rangarajan panel proposes new gas pricing formula

The price will be administered as per a set formula under which various components will be assigned different weightages, he said. The other industry fertiliser is already subsidised.

CAG is fully empowered to carry out audits.

Modern History Hindi English Maths: So it is hard to determine value 1 objectively. The Government will notify the new gas pricing policy before Sunday, said The cimmittee is expected to address delays arising in decision-making and enforcement. Rangarajan submitted report in December, Summary points Feature What was there earlier Recommendation of Rangarajan 1.

Review Rangarajan formula on gas pricing: A heavy price to pay

Air pollution is hard to escape, no matter how affluent the area you live in. In a radical overhaul, a high-level government panel recommended the freeing of gas pricing, and migrating to an entirely new model for oil and gas exploration. CAG to outsource auditing for small blocks. Audit should be within 2 years.

Both oil prices and exchange rates fluctuate and it is nearly impossible to have data of all the items simultaneously to get any semblance of accuracy and objectivity. Government should allocate block to a company that offers maximum share from profit. The US economy is not really energy deficientproduction there carries very less geological risks.

Rangarajan Panel report on gas pricing will enable investments: RIL - Firstpost

Please Email the Editor. West Indies Women beat Bangladesh Women by 60 runs. The productionlinked payment is said to be more transparent and will have less intervention in routine exploration and development activities.

There is an urgent need for Indian policymakers to draw on market oriented solutions to resolve the immense uncertainty that exists in the gas sector.

Rangarajan Panel report on gas pricing will enable investments: U meant profit or is it revenue only?? The PSCs work in the following fashion. Their bids for new gas are close to double the Rangarajan price since that is the replacement cost and is near the real market price.

The industry where rsngarajan fuel rangarajaj a pass-through power is not affected.

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