Sai baba 108 names

Om, to the Beloved One Om, to Him who has the power to protect His devotees. Om, to the Handsome and Beautiful One, prostration! He bears all burdens of those who have surrendered completely to Him. Om, to Him whose seat His devotees' hearts are, prostration!

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Names of Lord Sai Baba | Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Sai Baba

Om, to the Venerable Lord Sai, prostration! Om, to Him who naes off the heart knot Upanishadic metaphor for ultimate realization Om, to Him who stays inside and outside all beings. Om, to Him who takes upon Himself everyone s burden Om, to Him who stays in pure minds Om, to Him who freely gives love. Om, to Paramatman the Supreme Lord, prostration!

Om, to the Ultimate Resort of the good. Om, to Him who takes away the pains of those who yield themselves to him.

Om, to Paramatman the Formless and Unmanifest One Om, to Paramatman the Supreme Lord. Om, to paramatman who transcents attributes and yet is the very self of attributes, prostration! Om, to the Lord of 180 Realized Ones the immortal yogin Dattatreyaprostration! Om, to the Unconquerable and Unshakable One.

Sri Sathya Sai Ashtottaram

Om, to Him who increases love, prostration! We may also say that Sai's name is immortal. Om, to Him who is All-Powerful Om, to Him who stays inside and outside all beingsprostration! Om, to the Best among Men Om, to Paramatman who is Eternal Bliss. Shirdi Sai Names - 1 of Om, to Him of wonderful and magnificent performer!

Shirdi Sai Baba Names - names of Shirdi Sai Baba

Om, to Him who washes away misfortunes. Om, to the Sun of shining halo I bow to Shri Sai who removes the fear of death Interpretation: Being beyond birth and death, Sai is immortal. Om, to the Sun of shining halo. Om, to Vishnu in His descent in the world as anmes Brahmin dwarf, Vamana whose going sqi unimpeded in the three worlds earth, intermediate space, and heaven.

Om Jagatah pitre Namah. Om, to the Final End of the good, prostration!

Om, to Shiva in His aforementionned form the Death-winner Like us on Facebook. Mames, to Him who rise above time and death. Om, to Him who sustains the living beingsprostration!

Om, to Him of many shapes, having all forms. Om, to Him who grants sons, friends, wives and kin.

They are all created by and dependent on Sri Sai.

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