But the level of the human soul also turned out to be contradictory. According to Lazarev's research, our deep emotions directly shape our health and fate. Archived June 15, , at the Wayback Machine. Retrieved from " https: Lazarev saw that the deformities in a child's subtle energy field repeat the deformities in the field of the child's mother.

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That is to say, each person reacts to the future and his reaction determines future events. Lazarev strives to facilitate the rapid change in people's way of thinking necessary for the survival of mankind.

You see not just a new book on a topic of interest to many nowadays, but, in fact, a statement of s.n.lazarrev original concept of understanding the laws of the spiritual world, which controls the material world, s.n.lazarev analysis of the possibility of entering into the world of bioenergetics.

And the essence of any religion is increased unity with God. The First Step into the Future.

S N Lazarev

He regularly holds seminars, presentations and lectures in Moscow, St. There followed another s.n.lazsrev Lazarev English, log into Facebook.

Research on the Topic of Religion and the Human Soul.

In this the field, using empirical methods, he has opened a number of sequential laws, which have allowed him to create a comprehensive philosophical system. Gradually he came to the following conclusion: Lazarev saw that loving another person, strong attachment to him, can destroy the health and even the destiny of the object of affection.

The essence and meaning of the development of any living being is an imitation of God and union with Him. Through his work, S.

Diagnostics of Karma - Wikipedia

Video and audio recordings of lectures and seminars are also available. Lazarev saw time and time again how in the process of analysing these laws, during his communication with patients, together with deeper understanding, came a leveling out of karmic structures, and on subtle levels an improvement in their destiny and health.

For example, aggressive emotions felt by a mother before conception or during pregnancy could s.n.lazarevv to many childhood illnesses. The audience listened to the lecture in one breath.

Some have printed text on them, other - handwritten.

See more… Diagnostics of Karma. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Human logic is material and it is related to the assessment of the situation.

Studying hundreds and thousands of patients, S. But the real struggle with the problem is the change of your character because it is the character that is the source of our problems. If love of God was in first place, then love of another person would not turn into passion or attachment, and would not kill.

Deformed innermost emotions, aggressive feelings, hate, resentment, and melencholy can lead to disease and misfortune, can warp a person's future.

S. N. Lazarev English

The books were featured on Russian and Ukrainian TV via interviews with their author. Coming to the conclusion that all information about the character, destiny, past and future of a person, and even his past incarnations, would have to be stored in his individual field, S. Lazarev - practical philosopher, parapsychologis t, researcher into the Considering disease a consequence, he began to search for it's causes. As the author himself puts it, the quintessence of all his research can be reduced to one phrase: November 9 at 2: Ruined, destroyed lifes, death of children and loved ones, incurable diseases.

Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Their main motive was the hope for a miracle, for getting rid of continuous misery. Understanding, once again, came after studying hundreds of thousands of patients.

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