Sousanis is relentlessly innovative in his solutions to picturing his concepts and in the process provides irrefutable proof of the efficacy of the medium to explain engagingly and memorably… It also uses two dimensional words and images to encourage us to broaden our horizons and deepen our understanding, in other words to perceive in multiple dimensions. But don't ask me to draw on anything more permanent. So this is where I have my first issue with this work: But the strength of this idea as presented in Understanding Comics comes from McCloud's grounding in the history of the arts in general and comics in particular McCloud, by the way, provided a blurb for Unflattening.

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Did I fail to mention this is a comic? Many people use their mobile devices more than they read books. Jul 02, Kirsti rated it it was amazing Shelves: Too bad they are not bigger and legible. Our recent titles are available via Edelweiss.

That's right, this is a dissertation completely in comics form! What unlfattened is describing here is an autobiographical narrative generated by his brain after the fact. Images, drawings and comics can be widely used to express complex arguments of philosophy, science, religion, whatever else.

And it makes an argument for multiplicity of perspectives, including, of course, visual perspectives, and intersecting and simultaneous visual and verbal perspectives, or comics.

And I would assume that most of the people giving unmitigated praise to it are those unfamiliar with comics as a medium, or if they are comics-friendly, they're only interested in the more alt or indie material.

A page of nautical knots and rigging discussing liberty through bonds.

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The fear, expressed with all the self-righteousness of a literary prick in another review by means of the following quotation, seems to be that a mixture of modes is only undertaken by those incompetent in purity: Feb 25, Jimmy Ele rated it it was amazing Shelves: I fee like this is the first textbook in graphic novel form. The best art will always be the one that says something about art, while the best art criticism will always be artful.

Unflattening by Nick Sousanis. References to other authors were ok, but I felt they were poorly developed.


Okay, but is internalizing an alternative perspective necessarily the same as condoning it, as thinking it deserves to be acted upon? There wasn't a golden unflattned when "people used to be all so open-minded".

The argument, I gather, is supposed to be the book itself. I thought the best parts of this book were, when, rather than trying to be deep, sell one idea or run together many conceptual strands in one blurrily defined notion, Sousanis picked up stories or problems from other disciplines and re-appropriated them for his arguments. Now I can justify my comic obsession to unflattenrd family!

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He hammers on this simple, commonsensical concept for more than two thirds of the book, using different metaphors and examples to repeat the same thing over and over. Jun 21, Emma Sea marked it as nonfic-i-own-it-tbr-mountain. It's a meandering experiment in philosophical thinking in the comic format. Thus, the Library ynflattened its policy over the past half-century both of enhancing the collection by adding unflattrned volumes and of renewing it by revising or replacing earlier volumes.

And probably even an almost entirely successful project. But the strength of this idea as presented in Understanding Comics comes from McCloud's grounding in the history of the arts in general and comics in particular McCloud, by the way, provided a blurb for Unflattening. Winner of the Eisner Award for best academic or scholarly work. After a while I realized that it tended to introduce a quotation in passing and then not provide enough context or explanation to make it clear what the author was getting at exactly.

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What's truly eye-opening here is the use of the graphic form as unflattned sort of thought map. Some of the reviews on this book have suggested rather smugly that it constitutes proof that art and art criticism shouldn't mix. This in itself can explain why the content of the book is not as exciting as the "Unflattening" is an "experiment in visual thinking".

Fusing words and images to produce new forms of knowledge, Unflattening teaches us how to access modes of understanding beyond what we normally apprehend. When I was reading the first half, it hit me that this would be a wonderful text to use in a college course on the history of science, philosophy, or the like. It would really interest me to follow the conception process. Sousanis' book is a brave attempt.

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