Anita blake book 21 kiss the dead

That pretty much summed up my review and impression of this book. But Anita had time to cuddle with Jade. I waited for each book to come out and now Richard doesn't make an appearance but he is talked about so we do get an update. There was no meat to this book, and there hasn't b I am a long time Laurell K.

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Cut out all the "I'm not pretty" Anita whinging, and all the "you don't love ME enough" whinging from her fuckbuddies, and kill Asher off entirely. If you've read any of the more recent Blaje Blake books you know what she enjoys in bed, but Ms Hamilton seems to feel the need to tell us all over again. Hamilton's "Anita Blake" series is one to be chewed and digested.

But this plot is a pretty minor point. In one moment of almost issue exploration Anita considers whether she is a monster and what that means — both supernaturally and morally. I wish I could say that I enjoyed the boyfriend time but I didn't.

Hit List was the end of Anita Blake for me, after reading this series for the better part of a decade, so check out my review aita it to see why I'm not reading Kiss the Dead.

Now working on the eyes. The constant reminder of her badass-ness only to be shown that she's really not badass at all is tiring. This new editor, Missy, LKH thanks aniat the acknowledgements better step up her game.

The one and only time I will ever put a gif in a review. Dolph is back and has worked out most of his issues with Anita. The first few chapters of the book were promising, Anita back in the action doing some police work.

To ask other readers questions about Kiss the Deadplease sign up. I could see it coming but I couldn't stop it. Guys don't think like this. I won't be buying the next one in hardback, whether I buy it at all remains to be seen which is sad after spending so much time with Anita.

Seriously, when will the focus stop bpok fucked up relationships and each boy's drama? It wasn't the sex which, even though it got ridiculous it was at least hilarious enough to be entertainingit wasn't the plot what little existedit wasn't JUST the writing though it continued to go downhill with each subsequent bookit was a combination of all of those things and 2.

Kiss the Dead (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #21) read online free by Laurell K. Hamilton

Reading this book was akin to watching a train wreck. I know that my compulsion to hate-read these books is far more perverted than anything Anita ever gets up to in this series, but there it is.

Louis with her family.

I kid you not. I think that's my only complaint, though.

It lacked purpose, plot, and substance. I'm Chinese so this is happy happy dance for me. And pointless, endless descriptions! Anita's been there done that and will do it again. For a woman who keeps telling the readers how much like a guy she thinks, Anita sure doesn't demonstrate it. Within the first 83 pages 1. My time and energy is better spent elsewhere.

I used to love this series so much, now everything feels like a mess with all the lovers, and repetitive with the action plots. Maybe I missed something in one of the past books, but really, it seems unlike Hamilton not to drive a point like that home with repeated paragraphs for several books in a row.

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Angst should not fill up this many pages. The series is no longer worth the read and it's not even a "guilty pleasure" any more because there is no pleasure reading these books. Well I'm sure we all have our Anita book that we don't like - well I have just found mine Well, in light of this new development of unsupervised vampires running loose in the city, what does Anita do?

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