Saulo ribeiro jiu jitsu university

Saulo's teaching style is perfect for a book: No, create an account now. He gives direction and instruction as to what you should be working and focusing on. Have any of you bought this book, and if so would you recommend it? If you do want to up your bjj game or have something for your bjj friends to read when they come over, click to read my review of Jiu-Jitsu University over at my site.

Livro psicodrama

They look at how psychodrama has contributed to the development of psychotherapy, introducing concepts that have had a profound influence on other therapies. These include concepts such as role theory, the encounter, co-consciousness and the co-unconscious, the social atom, sociometry, action research, group psychotherapy, the cycle of spontaneity and creativity, role play, the significance of the moment in the here-and-now and many related concepts and techniques. Vieira, Risques, Psychodrama and Psychopathology: Miller, Psychodrama, Spirituality and Souldrama. The editors of this volume bring together contributions from eight European countries, South America, Australia, Israel and the USA to explain and explore recent innovations.