Ordenanza 1599

The Act also provides for the formation of national trade union federations and national general professional associations, registration and dissolution of trade unions, and for transitional matters. While it relocated many natives, compared to the previous system, it protected them from the ranchers and the encomienda. La Escuela Digital, Uruguay.

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Agricultural History Society Prohibits the employment of women during night hours except in administrative or health-care jobs and in hazardous or arduous working conditions. Replaces the Government's Decree No.

Also provides for the appointment of a labour reconciliator at the district level to settle labour disputes in enterprises with fewer than 10 employees. Trade unions' rights and responsibilities to guide and counsel employees on their rights and obligations when concluding and performing labour or working contracts with employers Article 4. The Council shall comprise an equal number of representatives from employer and employees, and shall be charged with settling collective and individual labour disputes, including matters related to termination of employment.

Decree promulgating regulations on establishment of foreign business associations in Vietnam No. It repeals the Domestic Servants Ordinance of Esta ley incorpora las modificaciones de la ley de reforma parcial del estatuto de 2 julio Add a personal note: Chapter I - General Provisions Chapter II - Term for periodical interchange and list of work positions whose holders are subject to periodical interchange Chapter III - Responsibilities of implementation of periodical interchange of work positions Chapter IV - Implementation provisions.

Provides for the formation, registration and regulation of trade unions. Procedures for conciliation, settlement of labour disputes by labour arbitration councils IV. In the event of a legal strike in which the employer is at fault, wages shall be covered in full by the employer. Applies to all workers except civil servants, members of the armed forces, domestic servants, agricultural workers, family members of an employer, and casual workers.

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Pursuant to decision TTg of 8 October on the establishment of provincial arbitration councils. Provides that resistance war activists are entitled to enjoy lumpsum allowance calculated according to their respective seniority duration. The Act establishes an independent Pension Fund to serve as a management trustee and collect contributions, invest assets and calculate and make payment of pensions.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Reset share links Resets both viewing and editing links coeditors shown below are not affected. Defines federal and state powers and establishes a Southern States Coordinating Council to govern southern states and arrange local elections.

The Decision sets out certain aspects of the system of coordination between the Government and the VNGLF in dealing with matters concerning the latter's powers, in order to promote its role in various relevant areas. Hernandarias would go on to serve three terms as governor: The territory pastures proved to be very favourable for bovine reproduction, and the abundance of cattle attracted portuguese incursions from Brazil, Colonia del Sacramento foundation by Portugal and Montevideo foundation by Spain Scope of regulation Article 2.

Working contracts Section 6. Tasks and competences of general federation ordemanza Part III: Resources and funds of Trade union organizations Part V: Also amends provisions relating to the procedures of the legislature.

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Sudanese seeking jobs outside of Sudan shall obtain permission to do so. Only in Hernan Darias has virtue triumphed. The Act is divided into three parts.

The determination of wages and settlement of other lrdenanza of employees for the days they are on strike shall be based on the Court's decision whether a strike is legal or not. Conquistador, gobernante y hombre de Dios" in Spanish. Part VI - Miscellaneous. Trade unions' rights and responsibilities to represent employees' collectives in negotiating and signing, and supervising the implementation of collective labour agreement Article 5.

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