The third industrial revolution jeremy rifkin

Few experts though that this revolution would be able to make the leap from the digital to the physical world, but the Internet of Things has broken down that barrier. Similar programs have been underway in both Luxembourg, and the Metropolitan Region of Rotterdam and the Hague in the Netherlands. Strictly Necessary Cookies Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings.

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A perfect garment 3, years in the making Co. More than the jobs created by the oil and gas extraction and pipeline sectors combined. Something went wrong Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? Second, new sources of energy more efficiently power economic activity.

But we are running out of time. There is a widely held perception that the social and ecological costs of renewable energy systems and communication technologies will be mitigated by the new opportunities for social and ecological organisation that they facilitate.

Today, there are about a billion cars, buses, and trucks, and they are the third major cause of global warming emissions, after buildings and beef production. He argues that both capitalism and the fossil fuel industries are hitting limits that stem from the laws of thermodynamics, and that investor-based capitalism will inevitably be replaced by a more distributed and streamlined network-based capitalism, alongside a sharing economy governed by a high-tech global commons.

Increasing your aggregate efficiency means using less of the Earth and getting more out of it. This notion is supported by recent attempts at installing renewable energy systems, for example the desertec projectwhere installations have failed as big business has withdrawn. Political and business leaders began working with Rifkin inand now the region is buzzing with about different projects deployed in setting up its own third industrial revolution future.

This is true among most all areas of modern life, yet it is more obvious for hackers and digital activists who remember a recent past of democratic collaboration in the early ages of the internet.

Make way for the Third Industrial Revolution

A more convincing understanding, developed by leading environmental historians, has shown that it was the unequal exchange of land and labour embodied in traded resources that generated revenue for the expansion of the technological infrastructure in Europe.

See you on April 22 ! So either we join the global race to the new economy, or we lose it. Luxembourg has introduced a feed-in tariff to encourage early adopters to transform buildings and property sites into micro-power generation facilities.

The good news is that people are listening. This, however, must then also include the understanding of modern technology as social relations—in need of inequality to exist in a world economy perpetually renewing unsustainable growth. Jeremy Rifkin has been an advisor to the leadership of the European Union since I think a lot of people are right there. Over the last year and a half I have been engaged in research concerning the combined social-ecological effects of communication technologies and the internet.

The energy transition cannot be stopped.

That number is usually seen as the limit. Few experts though that this revolution would be able to make the leap from the digital to the physical world, but the Internet of Things has broken down that barrier. This recording was produced by the University of British Columbia and originally released at https: The third industrial revolution organizing committees in the region, CCI Nord du France and REV3, have partnered with the University of Lille to fund and support projects and research around sustainable transport to reduce critical overcrowding thirdd transit networks in Lille.

Rifkin is in his 70s, and looks a bit like if the Monopoly Man was a college professor. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences.

Make way for the Third Industrial Revolution – We Don't Have Time – Medium

And please drop tjird a line if you want to forward your idea of a theme for a keynote, a speaker, panel member until then. That is why I invite and encourage American business leaders and government officials to join Europe in this quest. In this enlightening presentation, Jeremy Rifkin presents a thurd vision of a Smart Third Industrial Revolution that can take Canada and jereym world into a sustainable ecological civilization and a more equitable global economy over the next several decades.

Or simply just enjoy seeing our impact and reach develop here and here. He is also the president of the TIR Consulting Group, which is comprised of consulting organisations in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies, construction, advanced fabrication manufacturing, engineering, urban planning, architecture, real estate, information and communication technologies, power and utilities, and transport and logistics.

Renewable energy systems, thigd technologies, require a great deal of labour, land and resourcesand should therefore be expected to appear in the hands of those who have the means to access these prerequisites.

If this were a railway, Hauts-de-France is in the laying tracks phase, with calls for new projects as others around intelligent power networks and smart mobility get underway.

First, the bad news:

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