Plattegrond manhattan

With an established reputation as the home of New York City 's artistic luminaries, the Upper West Side is an upscale, mostly residential neighborhood between the Hudson River and Central Park. Phantom of the Opera Deals. Now home to many popular NYC nightclubs and restaurants, the Lower East Side of Manhattan was once a predominantly immigrant, working-class neighborhood of cramped tenement buildings. That's why we recommend reviewing our helpful NYC maps , below.

Purusha sukta

The principle behind the sun and behind the eye is the Purusha. Text Fifteen nabhya asidanta riksham shirshno dyauh samavartata padhyam bhumirdishash shrotrat tada lokagamm akalpayan From His navel was produced the antariksha the space between the earth and the heavens. The former is available for direct observation pratyaksha , while the latter is only indirectly experienced paroksha. This great Purusha, brilliant as the sun, who is beyond all darkness, I know him in my heart. The text of this brief Upanishad is in the first edition of this book published by Kalpataru Research Academy.


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Therefore I do not expect this to be of much use to others, And write it only to acquaint it to my mind. The unsurpassable happiness born of blissful buddhahood? It is the very best of medicines That heals the sickness of the world, And the tree that shelters all who wander Wearily along the pathways of existence. There are also two guides to meditating on the Bodhicharyavatara: