Serenade to the big bird

A humanist perspective on war from a ww2 bomber pilot. Entitled Serenade to the Big Bird , the book achieved cult status among aviation enthusiasts for its honest depictions of bomber combat and also won favorable literary reviews for its spare, Hemingway -style prose and its anti-war sensitivity[citation needed]. Mar 08, Robert W. After graduation from high school in he entered Colorado College , with a pronounced interest in writing both stories and poetry.

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Stiles was actually a pacifist but like many came to the conclusion that the Nazis threatened the entire concept of Western Civilization. Interesting as the writer is obviously not an 'amazing' pilot, just a real middling guy doing the bjrd. Stiles wrote ten hours a day throughout the summer of and his diligence was rewarded when his first story was accepted in September by the Saturday Evening Postwhich eventually published "The Ranger" series of stories based on his experiences in Estes Park.

That is so sad and adds to the importance of reading this book. So far no luck, but I will be working on them. He's a very deep thinker and isn't afraid to let see how war effects everyone. A very interesting story by an absolute hero.

Stiles did not survive the war. I would call all these men true heroes. He had 35 bomber missions under his belt. As I read he seemed just like a regular guy. Filled with the optimism of youth and the daily horrors of the air war, these guys held in a state of bifd mentally and physical exhaustion.

After finishing his tour, he stayed in England and spent a month writing this extraordinary memoir. Aug 25, Leo J. Jan birv, Ed rated it it was amazing. He easily would teh been one of the finest writers of his generation. He tried to imagine the ideas that would prevent this sort of massacre from ever happening again. This page was last edited on 29 Octoberat Bert Stiles was killed in action a short time after completing his manuscript, before it was ready for publication.

A Great,Thoughtful Read A great piece of wartime thought by someone who saw it from the platform of a great airplane.

Bert Stiles

Real account of one man's tour in the 8th Air Force. We knew they went through Hell and kept on fighting. He talks about losses, planes and men.

So, if you've blg wondered what it was really like for these boys, go grab a copy because I'm telling you, it's fascinating.

Will b seeking out more of his work. Return to Book Page.

They have kept silent for over 60 years. After graduation bord high school in he entered Colorado Collegewith a pronounced interest in writing both stories and poetry. This book is largely mindless blather.

Retrieved from " https: His P impacted the ground almost immediately, killing him.

Bert Stiles - Wikipedia

He tried to reconcile ideas that formed from his vantage point, where the entire world could be easily seen as a single place but the people of this place were killing each other en masse.

For these times and more the book proved a very good read filled with historical srrenade. I have tried to get my kids to read it. They had a hot club in our squadron once before, the best in the whole division and then they went to Schweinfurt.

Good view of what our young fliers went through in WWII.

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