8086 pin diagram

Sandeep Reddy September 1, at 3: Analogue electronics Interview Questions. The signal must be active HIGH for at least four clock cycles.

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Making a great Resume: HOLD is not an asynchronous input. Registration Forgot your password?

microprocessor: pin diagram description

The Ready pin is checked to see whether any peripheral needs more time for data transmission. RESET is internally synchronized. Embedded C Interview Questions. Sequence of events of a typical DMA process 1 Peripheral asserts one of the request pins, e.

Microprocessor 8086 Pin Configuration Microprocessor

Analogue electronics Practice Tests. NIM is the non maskable interrupt input. QS1, QS0 — Pin no.

Unknown September 10, at 4: It stands for Hold Acknowledgement signal and is available at pin It gives timing to the processor to perform operations. Rahulsai October 17, at 8: During the first clock cycle, it carries bit address and after that it carries bit data. INTR is internally synchronized. The S,7 status information is available during T2, T3 and T4.

There are two pairs of signals in which can make the Ready output of to go low. Mudasar Ikhlaq May 9, at 6: This comment has been removed by the author.

Microprocessor - 8086 Pin Configuration

The Microprocessor Architecture. Unknown December 27, at 5: It is considered as an interrupt request signal, which is sampled during the last clock cycle of each instruction in order to determine whether the processor is considering as an interrupt or not.

When this signal is raised high, then the processor has to wait for IDLE state, otherwise the execution continues. If the local bus is idle when the request is made the two possible events will follow: It is used to control the direction of data flow through the transceiver.

Digital Electronics Practice Tests. When it is high, data is transmitted out and vice-a-versa.


Durga Satish January 28, at 7: Report Attrition rate dips in corporate India: External synchronization should be provided if the system can not otherwise guarantee the setup time. Jobs in Meghalaya Jobs in Shillong.

Current cycle is not the low byte of a word on an odd address Current cycle is not the first acknowledge of an interrupt acknowledge sequence. Embedded Systems Interview Questions.

Computer architecture Practice Tests. NMI — Pin no. When the microprocessor receives this signal, it acknowledges the interrupt.

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