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The third term, , is used to describe the rapid transition to detonation observed in some energetic materials. The first term, , describes hot spot ignition by igniting some of the material relatively quickly but limiting it to a small proportion of the total solid. The tabulated equation of state is linear in energy and assumes the form. This manual contains detailed examples designed to illustrate the approaches and decisions needed to perform challenging, real-world linear and nonlinear analysis.

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Amplitude curves

Amplitudes defined as functions of time can be given in terms of step time default or in terms of total time. This can be done by choosing an elastic shear modulus that is several orders of magnitude lower than the bulk modulus.

For the elastic shear behavior the deviatoric stress is related to the deviatoric strain as. The server computers that you choose for documentation and licensing should be accessible by all computers on the network where you plan to run Abaqus and should be stable machines that are not frequently rebooted or shut down.

Moreover, solution-dependent sensors can be used to define the user-customized amplitude. Docu,entation material's volumetric response is governed by the equation of state model, while the deviatoric response is governed by the linear elastic shear and the plasticity model. Distension,of the porous material. The tabulated equation of state provides flexibility in modeling the hydrodynamic response of materials that exhibit sharp transitions in the pressure-density relationship, such as those induced by phase transformations.

The initial relative density used in the JWL equation is assumed to be unity.

The amplitude shifting and scaling can be applied to all amplitude definition types except for solution dependent, bubble, and user. Unloading from a partially compacted state follows a new elastic curve that depends on the maximum compaction or, alternatively, the minimum value of ever attained during the deformation history of the material.

An equation of state is said to be linear in energy when it can be written in the form. This model is implemented in a form referred to as a programmed burn, which means that the reaction and initiation of the explosive is not determined by shock in the material.

The material's volumetric response is governed then by the equation of state model, while its deviatoric response is governed by either the linear isotropic elastic model or the viscous fluid model. In this case you must define the elastic part of the shear behavior.

This manual describes how to install Abaqus and how to configure the installation for particular circumstances. The JWL equation of state can be written in terms of the internal energy per unit mass,as.

The reaction rate equation in the ignition and growth model is a pressure-driven rule, which includes three terms: Use the following options to define the specific heat of the unreacted solid explosive: Abaqus Scripting User's Manual. Each amplitude curve is a function of time or frequency.

This manual contains brief descriptions of the new features available in the latest release of the Abaqus product line.

The maximum value is typically the controlling mechanism used to end the analysis. Use both of the following options to define viscous shear behavior: Shear ; Shear Modulus. The baseline correction method allows an acceleration history to be modified to minimize the overall drift of the displacement obtained from the time integration of the given acceleration.

Use the following commands or option to run the script: The equation of state and the energy equation represent coupled equations for pressure and internal energy. The manual is designed to guide you through the process of writing an application by explaining how to use the components of the toolkit and by providing snippets of example code.

Abaqus Analysis User's Manual. The quadratic variation is chosen to minimize the mean squared velocity during each correction interval. Hence, this amplitude definition should be used only to define a smooth step function.

The equation of state must be supplemented by an equation that describes the behavior of as a function of the thermodynamic state. Defining a solution-dependent amplitude for superplastic forming analysis.

Abaqus User Subroutines Reference Guide. Abaqus documentation should be installed before licensing and products because the product installation procedure uses the documentation URL to configure network access to the online documentation.

Use with the tensile failure model.

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