You will receive an invitation to join our alumni community with its pictogram library and knowledge database for further reading, links, tools, and software. This workshops are open to both professional visual facilitators and recorders and those who want to strengthen their visual skills for other roles. Zur Zeit sind keine Termine in dieser Kategorie geplant.

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By strengthening your thinking muscles, you have life-long skills to create clarity for yourself and others.

Trainers and instructors use visualization to share their knowledge more effectively and sustainably. Jointly develop key images, pictogram libraries, and poster layouts. Today, visual storytelling is being used increasingly in organizations, as a way to support processes by ensuring the change process is understood by all involved.

Been deep in a difficult decision and felt consumed by it? Following the training, we will provide digital photo documentation with all the input from the trainers biikablo the results of the group. Graphic Recording visualization in real-time at conferences We make large group dialogues visible through murals, picture galleries, Sketchnoting or blkablo media. - bikablo

Agile thinkers use thought sketches at the whiteboard to arrive at even smarter solutions in even shorter bikab,o. On the first day we carefully work through the basics of visualization, and on the second day we apply what we have learned to the topics that are relevant to you — irrespective nikablo whether you work in product development, training, coaching, management, product management, or IT.

You have already attended a bikablo basics training or similar and would like to further develop your skills as a Visual Facilitator. Any topic can be transformed into an exciting picture story if you make its internal logic visible and explain it from the perspective of a lead character.

Graphic Recording Listening and bikablp translating content into murals in real-time. You will receive an invitation to join our alumni community with a pictogram library and a knowledge database of literature, links, tools, and software.

In the forum, members can exchange ideas on visualization topics, share their own icons, and receive feedback and advice on their designs.

In the two-day-training an additional StarterBooklet with more advanced content is added. Facilitators, coaches, and consultants bring process designs and consulting concepts to life with the help of visual methods.

Visual Storytelling Visualize methods and work assignments for the group. Want to learn more? Bkiablo pen in hand, an ever-growing number of people are using visualization to secure common knowledge, explain strategies and processes, connect specialists, and develop smarter products.

We biakblo work for: Visual Meeting Facilitation Draw the way to a solution. Our partner Neuland offers participants of our training sessions hosted by bikablo akademie in Germany a discount on products from their entire range excl. Visual Storytelling Complex picture stories for a successful knowledge transfer. This means everyone joins in and grabs a pen — whether it be 10,or people. Right at the start a dream came true: KG — and as a partner of the Kommunikationslotsen business consultancy.

No previous knowledge needed Learn visualization as the language for the 21st century Are you responsible for managing projects or improving processes, developing digital products or marketing them? In the forum, members can exchange ideas on visualization topics, share their own icons, and receive feedback and advice on their designs. You can pay by credit card, direct debit, invoice, prepayment, or PayPal.

The age bikkablo knowledge is making way for the age of images. Professional, participatory, and sustainable — together we plan how best to use visual interventions to meet your needs.

We already work for:

In the Neuland training center in Eichenzell 90 minutes from Frankfurt Airport. You would like to learn visualization, even if you still question whether you have any talent for it.

The training concept, methods, and contents are subject to copyright law. Even drawing at smaller scales, knowing how to harness hierarchy and spatial organization will make you a stronger thinker and clearer communicator.

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