Ditch perfectly working electronic tools, that is ultimate wasteful. They should have to disclose the end of support date at time of sale. YOu can set them into guided access and lock the app open on them. The ones relying on smart phone apps always end in a drawer: This unit has not been available new for over half a decade.

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From April anyone who still owns and uses the controller will no longer be able to use it to control their speakers thanks to an upcoming firmware update. I will accept I cannot add new stuff to it. This was done properly.

However, with the hardware now over 12 years old and having not been on sale for over five years, the writing has been on the wall for the CR for some time now as smartphone control has taken over. Agree that losing the CR will be a pain. What's more Sonos completely redesigns it every year or so and it takes ages to get used to the new design. Any of them using a Blackberry, first iPhone, early Android phone? Sonos has made what some may consider the strongest effort in the industry to maintain backward compatibility with its equipment over the years.

Dyn'Aéro CR.100

For the cr, I wonder if keeping support is holding them back on some future developments. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I think there probably needs to be a law disclosing supported lifetime at sale. I am already very concerned in the way Sonos is forcing us to take up new software and changing the terms and conditions while doing this.

I can understand if they say newer generations of sonos boxes can not handle them anymore, but patching it completely out?

The ailerons have spades to reduce control loads. Archived from the original on June 15, Both the data are included with the unit so the user can verify that his instrument is within the maximum f1' errors guaranteed.


A law to state the length of support that will be provided at the time of sale. How many of these complainers are still using any tech currently that is 13 years old? Basic li-po cell protection chips prevent that sort of thing. Its small size and shape allows for several instruments to be mounted in the same motion control system and the simultaneous measurement of several spots in the same display.

Suitability for club use, particularly low cost and maximum utility, were prime considerations. I love my sonos system because it has a dedicated controller. Android gets software updates for 18 months right now, iPhones for about five years. At least advertisers didn't get a peek at your face to see your reaction every time you go to mute an ad.

Sad we live in a time where 18 years for a piece of equipment is considered old enough that its ok for companies cr10 make them completely void. I just saw the email coming in, and read it twice to believe it In an email to customers, Sonos said the CR can no longer "support many of the services and functions that are core to the Sonos experience".

Tell you what, you work out the logistics and the costs and write some bills.

How about making paint companies stock pigment for years in case I need touch ups? Also in the context of resource conservation and environmental reasons this is sending a very wrong signal. And as the EEVBlog just pointed out you can easily buy replacement cr00. The software supports multiple types of measurements that can co-exist gracefully within the same streamlined interface.

The guide includes instructions on how to turn a device into a dedicated Sonos controller without the distractions of other applications. Do I expect a clothing retailer to keep making buttons? I think Sonos does a great job supporting their devices compared to Amazon, Apple, Google, etc. Wanna take them on and slow down progress for both platforms as we desperately attempt to make the old and worn out do what new things do?

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