Descriptive programming in qtp

Excellent and easy way to learn: Why below code is not working? Since QTP began to support parametrized identification properties i. I am unable to get the get the coloum value and get the row values.

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How & Where to Use Descriptive Programming in HP QTP - Software Testing Genius

Sourav on September 12, at Hi Dasari, In simple terms a framework is a set of guidelines to accomplish a particular task. This is simple login with Descriptive Programming.

Hi all, I am using QTP to test a java application. My web table accommodates upto 20 records. It means you know way to go home or at least have a map with you in order to find the location.

hp uft - What is descriptive programming (Programmatic Description) in QTP - Stack Overflow

Note for advanced users: However, existing objects will remain untouced which means they will retain their old properties. But how do you do that? Then again you need to progarmming if it is not open.

I faced a similar issue some time back. If you use programmatic description for an object in object hierarchy you will need to use description programming for succeeding child objects For example, for the page object, descriptive programming was used but for succeeding child object WinEdit Object Repository is used which is incorrect On the contrary here for both Page and WinEdit descriptive programming is used which is correct.

Hi ankur… exacellent job… really gr Ankur Jain on September 7, at Descriptive programming is used to execute operations on an Object in the AUT whose definition is not stored in the Object Repository. Shyni on October 12, at Depends upon your choice of framework, it can be done when the app is manual test ready.

Hi Anish, How do we come to know, what to use where like webbutton, webElement, set etc? Ankur Jain on March 12, at In the above example objLinks 0 would refer to. Anish i just went through all comments and am wondering what i did wrong. Sundar on January 29, at But if OR is used for top level objects eg. Please let me know if you need any more details. Rather than storing Object properties inside the QTP object repository, we can store the object properties inside the variables or constants.

I answered as smart identification and ordinal identifies.

Your help is appreciated Reply. Set "Test Automation Guru" Next. Hi Div, In what sense do you want to block sites?

How & Where to Use Descriptive Programming in HP QTP 11.0

In most of the pages i need to check this functionality. The above statement assumes that test object properties for Browser and Page, WebEdit are present in the Object Repository file which is attached to the test. Check our regular expressions guide if you wish to learn about them in detail. If ever any doubt in that,i write to u ,please help me with your reply Reply.

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