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Appointment by co-option of a member of the Board of Directors. Press release pursuant to art. Filing of merger deed. Corrigendum - Cash Flow statement Changes to Corporate Events Calendar.

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Minutes of shareholders' meeting and corporate bylaws are now available. Conclusion of the administrative proceedings initiated by AAMS.

Press releases

Shareholders' meeting approve financial statement and appoints statutory auditors. Snaai of two directors. October 27 Oct Company Presentation 1. Filing of the minutes of the Board of Directors related to the merger. Corporate Events Calendar Expiry of shareholders' agreement GG-Orlando. SNAI approves Trenno merger. Refinancing, current trading and tender offer.

Press releases | SNAITECH

Press release Snai S. Interim Financial Report dated 30 June are avaiable.

Start date Date E. Filing BoD minutes related to Trenno merger. Company name, stock option plans and shareholders meetings.

Snaitech results as of 31 December Corrigendum - Cash Flow statement Approval of the merger by incorporation. Informazioni essenziali patto GG-Orlando ex art. Request to facilitate the settlement.

Appointment of a Director and revocation of General Director. Moody's review Snaitech for rating upgrade.

The Board of Directors approves the issuance of senior secured non-convertible notes. Snai Spa signs agreement to acquire the Cogetech Group. Interim Report at Pricing of the senior secured non-convertible notes. Snaitech results as of 30 Sept Documento Informativo Parti Correlate.

Financial Report dated 31 december are avaiable. Expiry of shareholders' agreement "Accordo di Investimento".

Shareholders' meeting of Snai S. New Board of Directors. Minutes shareholders' meeting now available.

Estratto patto parasociale GW-GE. Bridegepoint requests are groundless. Shareholders' meeting approves financial statement.

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