Rambo screenplay

Earl, this creep is a killer! Is that fair enough? Archived from the original on June 18, Who's got the rocket launcher?

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See there, I knew that you. And I'm gonna do screen;lay with you or without you. Retrieved January 29, You wouldn't get hassled so much. And you think we're tough!

To distract his pursuers, he blows up a gas station, shoots out most of the town's power, and destroys a gun store near the police station. You just do what I tell you. That's how accidents happen. All I wanted was something to eat.

And if I find out it's like he says, I kick the deputy's ass!

Rambo: First Blood () Movie Script | SS

This mission is over! We don't know how many gas tanks there are under the pumps Tell him to bring the Dobermen!

screehplay He and I were friends when your momma was still wiping your nose! What's the matter, Mitch, don't you like water sports? A National Guard detachment corners Rambo at the entrance of an abandoned mine. Lionsgate also released First Blood as a double feature on February 13,along with 's The Punisher. If I was out of screenpaly before, I just want to apologize. Let them dogs loose, Orval! Is that what you want? Look at how much we're helping these people.

If there's one thing that a third world country in the middle of a violent civil war needs more of, it's religion.

Would you wrap your arms around him give him a big sloppy kiss? I hope it involves ramgo a douchebag, because I rape puppies when it comes to being a douchebag!

That's like bringing the pigeons to the cat. You put your ramho on the car, and you spread them. Well, he was shooting at us, Will!

Mitch, get Orval on the radio. The two engage in a brief gunfight, which ends with Teasle being shot and falling through a skylight.

Screenplay Library

It just happens to have a minute cartoon tacked onto the end. Think about what you're doing. He's just east of Smith's farm, headed towards Chapman Creek.

The man said 'clean him up'. Rambo collapses to the floor in tears where he talks about the events that happened to him in Scerenplay and when he returned home.

The New York Times. We ain't huntin' him, he's huntin' us!

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