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About the Author Dwight L. A Humble Man 5. Now, I am confident the cares of the world are coming in and quenching the Sp Overall, a good book for the researcher and enthusiast.

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Raised on a farm in Massachusetts, he moved first to Boston, where he converted to evangelical Christianity inand then to Chicago, where he prospered in business.

Secret Power

I was admittedly puzzled before reading about the subject matter of the book, but upon starting it the subject matter of the book was very c [Note: There were questions I had beforehand and they were cleared up for me. Spiritual Irrigation - It is possible a man may just barely have life and be satisfied; and I think that a great many seceet in that condition.

The Unpardonable Sin - Then was brought unto him one possessed with a devil, blind, and dumb: He gives practical and solid teaching of: I thought, when I first tasted that, it was the most delicious joy I had e It appears that then, as is the case now, there are many who are worried about having committed the unpardonable sin without having committed it.

This was our Lord's pr He said "Abraham was not tempted by the well Dwight Lyman Moody was a predominant evangelist, author, and publisher. This book begins in an interesting place, using the almost certainly fraudulent Johanine pericope of John 5: It is still the old Gospel with t Plenty of Quotes There are plenty of good quotes and some insights here.

Excellent Study aide Very helpful. Br Moody is a great Pastor has written many books a d sermons. None of Self - Then you will find all through the Scriptures, when men were filled seecret the Holy Spirit, they preached Christ and not themselves. If he went to bed without evangelizing to someone, he would get out of bed, get dressed, and charge into the streets, searching for someone to speak to.

Unconverted Choirs - Paul tells us not to speak in an unknown tongue, and if we have choirs who are singing in an unknown tongue, why is not that just as great an abominat It's a short read, but a great resource to own. Power in operation is the actions of the Spirit or the fruit Identity and Personality - In 1st John 5: Secret of Joy - Remember, then, that love is power, and peace is power; but now I will call attention to another fruit of the Spirit, and this too is power - the grac I never tire of reading books by D.

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And if we want that power to quicken our friends who are dead in sin, we must look to Dll and not to man to do it. Lots of practical examples and scriptures to guide the thirsty soul.

Witnessing in Power - The subject of witness-bearing in the power of the Holy Ghost is not sufficiently understood by the Church.

I have the power Always enjoy Br Moody's writings. Most books are rated related to their usefulness and contributions to my research.

This book was written inbut I find it very up-to-date in it's description of the state of church of 21st century. In he teamed up with the hymn writer Ira D. Though encouraging and challenging, it does at times leave the reader wanting a bit more.

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His Consuming Passion for the Salvation of the Lost - this part took a hold of my heart and I could not stop thinking powfr it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Joy is Unselfish - Now, there are three kinds of joy; there is the joy of one's own salvation.

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