The mockingbirds daisy whitney

I'll start by saying that I applaud the author for tackling such a hard topic as date rape, this is something that she suffered herself when she was at college and she has done a great job of capturing the emotions that Alex goes through when she realises what happened to her. This was a wonderful novel, so insightful and emotional. The subject matter was one that needs to be talked about and the characters were drawn very well.

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Aug 30, Lindsay Tramble rated it it was ok.

However, there were many flaws, so be prepared to read through that if you're interested in starting "The Mockingbirds" by Daisy Whitney. From this point on I wasn't sure if I was reading a book about the horrible experience of date rape or the daaisy of a girl who made stupid decisions and then blamed other people because she didn't want to look "easy".

The Mockingbirds (The Mockingbirds, #1) by Daisy Whitney

I see te few places where examples of the faculty's obliviousness is proffered, but I was unconvinced. Daisy Whitney is courageous. It takes a lot of convincing from her friends to make Alex speak out and tell people what happened to her but although I was glad she found the courage to talk this is mockingbidrs the story started to fall down for me. I don't rate books on GoodReads, nor do I check the site so please friend me on Facebook instead.

As much as she'd like to forget what happened, she can't escape the daily reminders of what went wrong that terrible night.

The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney - Review | BookPage | BookPage

If I was away at high school, I know my parents would be calling me to the point of me needing a stalking complaint against them. Her words didn't wow me, but they kept me interested. She goes out with some friends one night, drinks a little too much, goes back to a guy's room, and gets date raped. They wrote mockingbirrds name in a book which I saw as bullying and said if he is found not guilty he gets his points back and his name erased.

I had such a strong reaction, that I have to write about it. I'm sorry, but not even one teacher thought, "Huh, you know, there might be just ONE kid who gets bullied in this school May 20, Keertana rated it it was ok Shelves: Not only did the dialogue seem forced in some parts, but the friendships in this also seemed highly superficial dasy a bit too perfect.

I would also recomend this book to people a little older than me, but people in college could also read it. Whitney really knows how to make you want to beat up the jock and want to cry for Alex. The black outs from the drinking caused the character to remember her rape in bits and I loved that aspect of the book.

I did not find the rape scene when Alex begins to remember it to be too graphic. I also really liked the doubt that the main character went through: Those are just the names that come to mind; I'm sure there were many others scattered around the story.

The Mockingbirds

However, Alex's feelings and conflicting though I was going to go with 2. Her horror at waking up in a strange boy's bed, at not remembered what happened to her the night before, at realizing she was raped while passed out and unconscious She goes to the mockingbirds.

Daisy Whitney has a pleasant, readable writing style. Apr 08, Jami rated it it was ok Shelves: Has a students act out an attempted rape the administration immediately puts that teacher on probation.

The Mockingbirds requires this type of suspension of belief, for without the lack of adults in this story, how would we have a secret society on our hands? She was the victim of a horrible crime, date-rape.

She is embarrassed that something like this could have happened especially when Carter starts spreading rumors that she was desperate for it and other students daisu acting as if she is easy. When Alex Patrick was assaulted by another student last year, her elite boarding school wouldn't do anything about it.

Lists with Mockingbirxs Book. She wanted to write this to help other people see how bad the situation truly is. The scenes where Alex flashes back to her rape are painful to read, as they should be, and the trial that takes place toward the end rings true, full of victim-blaming we see every day on the news.

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